HD3 Home Music System w/ Bluetooth aptX-HD

HD3 Home Music System w/ Bluetooth aptX-HD

The HD3 premium powered speakers are a mini home music system with high-fidelity true stereo sound for smaller spaces and desktops. It features wired or wireless connections, including USB audio from your computer, extended-range wireless aptX-HD Bluetooth from your phone, tablet or computer, or good old analog from that turntable or prized tape deck. The HD3 system also features a high-quality headphone amplifier for private listening.

Connection Types:
BluetoothAux Analog InAnalog InUSB DACSubwoofer OutHeadphone
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  • Two Speaker Stereo
    2-Speaker Stereo
  • bluetooth
    Extended-Range Wireless aptX-HD Bluetooth
  • USB Audio Input
    USB Audio Input
  • RCA Input
    Dual Analog Audio Inputs
  • Subwoofer Output
    Subwoofer Output
HD3 Wireless Speakers

Our most-versatile wireless Bluetooth speakers. HD3 Wireless Speakers work with all your apps, music, and devices so no matter how you listen, HD3 has you covered. The ultimate mini music system with wireless that works.

Tidal, Spotify, Pandora…all your favorite streaming apps play instantly.



Small speakers with a big sound that fills any room
Extended-range wireless aptX-HD Bluetooth
High-end sound wrapped in hand-built wood cabinets
Simple setup, no receiver needed
No network setup, no passwords, no hassle
No buttons to push & inputs are always ready to go
Front panel volume control and headphone jack
Magnetic speaker grill crafted from high-quality materials

HD3 Satin Black
HD3 Wireless Speakers

The HD3 Wireless Speakers are small desktop speakers with a surprisingly large sound for their size.

No network setup, passwords to enter, or buttons to push. Setting up these speakers is so easy you’ll be rocking in no time.

Keep your music fun, easy, and sounding great.

Audioengine HD3



Don’t let their size fool you as this little speaker is packed with much more sound than you would expect.

The HD3 Wireless Speakers are constructed with custom Audioengine components: aramid fiber woofers, silk tweeters, aptX HD Bluetooth, and built-in power amps wrapped in precision-tuned, hand-crafted cabinets.

Clear, full and powerful audio that fills almost any room.

HD3 Wireless Speakers

Audioengine wireless speakers are special. Their built-in analog power amplifiers sound incredible compared to lower-cost digital amps found in other mass-produced brands.

A whole new audio experience, guaranteed.

What's in the Box

1HD3 Home Music System w/ Bluetooth aptX-HD powered (left) speaker
1HD3 Home Music System w/ Bluetooth aptX-HD passive (right) speaker
1Speaker wire (16AWG), 2 meters (~6.5 ft)
1Power supply w/ detachable AC cord
1USB cable, 1.5 meters (~4.9 ft)
1Mini-jack audio cable, 1.5 meters (~4.9 ft)
2Microfiber speaker bags
2Microfiber cable bags
1Setup guide

Questions & Answers

  • Can I take my Audioengine HD3 speakers to another country with a different voltage?

    Yes, you can. The HD3 speakers use a switching power supply so it will automatically convert to the different voltage. The power cable is also detachable which makes it convenient to replace the AC plug with a different type if you don’t want to use an adapter plug.

  • Can I use the HD3 with other tablets or smartphones like Samsung Galaxy or Microsoft Surface?

    Absolutely! This is especially useful for connecting wired with newer Smartphones that do not have a headphone jack output. You'll need the correct USB-A adapter cable to connect from your tablet to the USB input on the HD3. These are generally available from the manufacturer of your tablet/smartphone, local electronic stores, or even online retailers.

  • If I connect my turntable to Audioengine speakers, do I need a phono preamp? Or can I simply connect the turntable directly to the analog input?

    All turntables require a phono preamp stage before connecting to Audioengine speakers. Many turntables have this built-in , while others do not and would require an external phono preamp. Check the turntable manufacturer’s website or user manual. Some turntables may even include Bluetooth, in which case you can pair and connect them to the speakers wirelessly!

  • Can I use an inverter with my HD3 speakers?

    Sure, for HD3 you will need an inverter that can supply about 50-60 watts.

  • Just how easy is it to set up the HD3 Home Music System with Bluetooth?

    Our HD3's are an all-in-one system with no extra components needed except your phone or computer. Simply place the speakers where you want them and connect the power supply. Next, connect the powered speaker to the right passive speaker using the included upgraded speaker wire with banana plug tips. Finally, plug in your music (cell phone, turntable, computer, laptop, etc.) with the supplied cables or via Bluetooth and you're ready to go!

    Here is a quick video that can be used as a reference:

    HD3 Setup Video

    (Please note - there is no audio associated with the video.)

  • Is it possible to have simultaneous connections to the HD3?

    Yes, there are multiple audio inputs on Audioengine powered speakers and both inputs are "open" or active so you can leave your audio sources connected at the same time.

  • Do current builds of the A2+ or HD3 speakers have threaded inserts on the bottom for mounting?

    We have  removed the threaded insert from the bottom of the HD3 and A2+ speakers starting with builds manufactured in 2020. Many customers were damaging the cabinet when attempting to use the insert. This issue, coupled with the speakers being predominantly used as desktop speakers, led to our engineers making this change with current and future builds.

  • The HD3 has a built in USB digital-to-analog converter (DAC), but can I also use a different DAC?

    While the HD3 has a fantastic 24-bit DAC, you can always run your own external DAC to the speakers by connecting to the analog inputs.

  • Do Audioengine speakers have an auto-sleep, idle, or auto-power-off function? Can I leave them on all the time?

    Yes they do! They are equipped with a power-saving circuit that turns off the speaker's final stage amp. This idle mode activates right after you stop playing music. Due to this power-saving function, it's perfectly fine for the speakers to stay on all the time!

  • Does HD3 come with speaker grills?

    The HD3 speakers do include detachable magnetic grills. The grills have thin rubber pads to prevent marks or damage to the finish or the cabinet, so your HD3s will keep looking great even if you like to remove / replace them frequently!

  • Is Audioengine able to ship orders outside of the US?

    We do not sell internationally directly from our website, but you can buy locally in many countries around the world! To buy our products from a local seller, visit this link and enter your location into the map:


  • If I connect my turntable to the HD3 will it be necessary to purchase a phono preamp or can I simply connect the turntable directly to the HD3 input?

    Some turntables will need a preamp before being connected and others may have one built-in. Check the turntable manufacturer’s website or user manual.

  • Can I use Audioengine speakers with an existing Sonos setup?

    Absolutely!  You can connect any Audioengine speaker with an analog output to any Sonos product that has the Line-In feature.  You can also connect any Audioengine passive speakers into an existing Sonos system using the Sonos Amp.

  • Are Audioengine products compatible with Bluetooth 5.0?

    Yes! We incorporate all the relevant functions and features from Bluetooth 5.0 that apply to our products! These features include; extended range, low latency (so that video and audio sync properly), as well as higher level aptX-HD, aptX, and AAC codecs (with the exception of our 512 portable speaker which supports SBC only). Keep in mind that the capability of the source is what controls the Bluetooth experience.

  • Can I connect Alexa to my wireless Audioengine speakers?

    Absolutely! To do so:

    • Open the Alexa App on your smartphone or tablet (Apple link  |  Google Play Link)
    • Tap the “Devices” icon and select the Echo/Alexa device you want to connect to speakers
    • Select “Bluetooth Devices”
    • Select “Pair New Device”
    • Find your Audioengine wireless speaker on the list of available Bluetooth devices, and select it

Professional Reviews

Overall, the Audioengine HD3 is an excellent addition to Audioengine’s desktop speaker lineup and an excellent buy for those looking to purchase a top desktop speaker that brings great sound quality, versatility and an aesthetically pleasing design. Highly recommended! Read Full Review
The new HD3 from Audioengine throws down a large collection of features, all packed into perhaps the smallest frame on the market. For the size, the drivers perform above par. For the features, consumers get a substantial value for purchase price. The HD3 sets a new bar for a true just-add-music experience. Read Full Review
The HD3s… will redefine the listening experience for those on a more limited budget. Or those who just want totally kick-ass sound from their desktop setup. The HD3s are very, very highly recommended! Read Full Review
If you judge a speaker by how it is to be used (and you should), then Audioengine’s HD3 wireless speakers are about as perfect as you can get. Read Full Review
The Audioengine HD3 excels in several areas. Just the retro sight of the pair of speakers on my desk was enough to cheer me up. The front volume knob mercifully kept me from fumbling with onscreen volume sliders. During work hours, the HD3 made music clips a temptation—and even with spoken-word material, its naturalness and lack of edginess made themselves known. Read Full Review
For audiophiles on a budget, the HD3 allow for an ideal combination of high-quality Bluetooth streaming and wired playback at a reasonable price, earning them our Editors’ Choice award. Read Full Review
Well, I wasn’t expecting much but consider this grumpy ol’ tech reviewer extremely impressed. Whether you use the HD3 for gaming, music, movies or a mix, it doesn’t matter because whatever you throw at these mighty mites, they can handle it. Read Full Review
One thing that I found to be very impressive was how easily you can switch back and forth between sources. Switching between being connected via Bluetooth on my phone to my computer which was hardwired, was seamless and not hard at all. Audioengine got it down perfectly. Read Full Review
Audioengine’s new HD3 powered speakers make all other small speakers obsolete. Read Full Review
The HD3s sound great, but as with most Audioengine products, they sound really great for their size. Read Full Review
These speakers have a ton of versatility . . . the audio quality for Audioengine HD3 is second to none for monitor speakers, so every song sounds great… Read Full Review

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Additional information

Weight 11.0 lbs
Dimensions 11.6 × 11.6 × 8.8 in

Satin Black, Walnut, Cherry Wood, Hi-Gloss White