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Affiliate Program

Not all Home Music Systems are created equal. The Audioengine distinction goes beyond the meticulously crafted and hand painted cabinets, it can be heard through the superior hand tuning of the analog amplifiers. Elevate your influence by helping us spread our passion for music while earning great commissions at the same time.

Share content utilizing your generated Audioengine affiliate link on the platforms that you are on.
Watch as your audience visits from your link.
Collect 10% commissions from every referring customer's total purchase. Your success is OUR success. 
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Audioengine A2+

What You Get

Our Home Music Systems are crafted with meticulous detail, featuring the finest materials that ensure high-end quality and affordability. Unlike mass-produced alternatives, our amps are hand-tuned, making their sound unique to Audioengine. Each of our cabinets are hand-painted and the real wood veneer and bamboo options guarantee that each Home Music System is one-of-a-kind. Audioengine Affiliates can confidently share our products, knowing they're creating a unique and exceptional listening experience for their audience.

    • -Opportunity to get an Audioengine Home Music System or component for your home, gaming or office set up.


    • -Add additional speakers to your space through successful partnership with Audioengine


    • -A User Generated Affiliate Link to help track your impressions, links and conversion actions.


    • -Earnings and bonus' paid out regularly along with images and marketing materials needed to educate your audience.


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A5+ Wireless Speakers

About Audioengine

Since we dropped our first home music system, our mission has been simple: To design great sounding, easy-to-use products that people never want to turn down and won't break the bank.

Our core products are powered home music systems - all-in-one music systems that allow you to connect all your devices wired or wirelessly for crystal clear stereo sound. We started with the A5, a sleek, versatile home music system that looks great from your desktop to your living room to your home theater setup.

But that wasn't enough. We wanted to offer even more for our customers. Several years and a lot of blood, sweat, and tears later, we introduced even more versatility with a number of add-on audio products, perfect for use with existing music systems, including our own A5.

We're passionate about helping people hear music with the highest sound quality—no matter where they are. Audioengine is now proud to offer a complete line of products that bring professional-quality sound right into your living room, office, dorm, patio, kitchen, or anywhere else you listen to music, without the cost of professional home music systems, or the extra clunky equipment that goes with them.

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Why Choose Audioengine

A2+ Wireless Speakers

Your music the way it
was meant to be heard

Stream all your music
from any app or device

Premium handcrafted
elegance for your home
You can apply for the program with Audioengine online. After your application is reviewed, you will receive a special tracking link as well as access to approved marketing material and product photos. When you refer people to purchase on using your link you will receive a 10% commission.
No, not at all. You can share about Audioengine anywhere you go. Share your experience with Audioengine Home Music Systems and/or components on your IG, Tik Tok, Pinterest, YouTube or in-person with your friends and family. Be sure to share where you are most likely to share your content in your application!
Your interest is important to us. We receive a large number of applications to review, however, we promise to get back with you in 48 hours or less.
Once you have been accepted into our program, login to the IMPACT Affiliate Dashboard. You will find custom tracking links to our site on the right-hand side of the page. We also provide you with the option to create specific tracking links to product pages.
At the top of your IMPACT Dashboard, you will see a drop-down option labeled “Ads.” Here you will find the option to view ads and links, product catalogs, promo codes (where applicable), vanity links, and the ability to put in a request for a specific ad.
You can share your experience and love for Audioengine Home Music Systems and components, as well as the difference you can hear with our products anywhere! In fact, the more you share, the better. People like to hear things multiple times prior to making a buying decision. Make sure to always provide your unique tracking link to ensure you are earning your commission.
The IMPACT Dashboard will show you a “snapshot” of your current marketing performance. You can find detailed financial information on the top right corner of your dashboard.
Because we offer a 30-day audition, we pay commissions 7 days after the first month of the purchase. As long as a refund isn’t requested prior to the end of the 30 days, you’ll receive your commission from the entire customer sale.
Your main responsibility as an Affiliate is to be a brand ambassador who promotes, supports and recommends the Audioengine brand.
. Absolutely! We accept Affiliates from all countries; however, we are only paying commissions for items purchased in the USA.
No. The only cost to our Affiliates is their time recommending the products they are currently listening to and loving.