S8 Powered Subwoofer

S8 Powered Subwoofer

Add more bass to ANY audio system with the Audioengine S8 Powered Subwoofer. Complete with our Isolation Elastomer Feet to reduce vibration and resonance so you'll experience cleaner, tighter bass.

Connection Types:
Aux Analog InAnalog In


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  • Front-ported
    Front-Ported Design
  • Acoustically isolated feet
    Isolation Elastomer Feet
S8 Subwoofer

Excellent performance for music, movies, and games. A perfect bass extension for Audioengine powered speakers or as an upgrade to any music system.

Our S8 Subwoofer has an 8″ custom woofer and is small enough to place in a corner or hide behind furniture. The S8 delivers great bass performance and its low, tight, and smooth bass will blend well with the other speakers in your system.



Excellent performance for music & movies
8" custom down-firing woofer
Dual audio inputs

S8 Subwoofer Audioengine
Audioengine S8 wireless subwoofer

Dual audio inputs are included on the rear panel so connecting S8 to all your gear is easy.
An auto-sleep standby feature turns the S8 Subwoofer off when you’re not playing music.

S8 Subwoofer



The S8 Subwoofer has a super-fast woofer designed for audio and home theater performance. It features an anti-resonant steel frame and heavy-duty rubber speaker surround for accurate low end.

The S8’s bottom-firing and front-ported design means you’ll hear quick, precise bass with no distortion, even at higher volume levels.

In other words, S8 is a tight, smooth, and natural-sounding subwoofer.


If you decide to locate the Audioengine S8 away from your powered speakers or AV receiver, check out the Audioengine W3 Wireless Audio Adapter for high-quality wireless.

What's in the Box

S8 Subwoofer what's in the box
1S8 Powered Subwoofer
1AC power cord, 1.8 meters (~5.9 ft)
1Mini-jack audio cable, 2 meters (~6.5 ft)
1RCA audio cable, 2 meters (~6.5 ft)
1Microfiber subwoofer bag
1Microfiber cable bag
1Setup guide

Questions & Answers

  • What size are the screws used to secure S8 feet?

    M6 x 40mm, 6mm diameter pan head

  • Can the S8 subwoofer be made wireless?

    Yes!  If you already own an S8, you'd just need a wireless adapter like our W3. If you're looking to buy an S8, consider getting our S8 Wireless that comes with the W3 included.

  • Connecting an S8 subwoofer to A2+/A5+

    Your A2+/A5+ have a variable RCA output located on the rear panel of the left speaker.  This connection can be used to connect an S8 Powered Subwoofer (or any self-powered subwoofer) for extended bass response.

    You can also add a W3 Wireless Adapter to make this connection wireless as shown below.

  • Are Audioengine subwoofers magnetically shielded?

    Yes! All of our speakers and subwoofers are directly video shielded. They also allow the user to place the speakers or subwoofer within a few inches of a video monitor. In addition, this shielding offers protection for hard-drive digital music players.

  • Do Audioengine speakers have an auto-sleep, idle, or auto-power-off function? Can I leave them on all the time?

    Yes they do! They are equipped with a power-saving circuit that turns off the speaker's final stage amp. This idle mode activates right after you stop playing music. Due to this power-saving function, it's perfectly fine for the speakers to stay on all the time!

  • Is Audioengine able to ship orders outside of the US?

    We do not sell internationally directly from our website, but you can buy locally in many countries around the world! To buy our products from a local seller, visit this link and enter your location into the map:


  • Some people want to upgrade the audio on their TV's but aren't necessarily interested in surround sound. Can I hook up Audioengine speakers to my TV instead of buying a surround sound system or soundbar?

    Audioengine speakers can be easily connected to your TV set as long as there are analog outputs available. Any of our speakers will provide a greatly enhanced TV audio experience with a wider soundstage and better imaging than most sound bars.

  • Can I use Audioengine speakers with an existing Sonos setup?

    Absolutely!  You can connect any Audioengine speaker with an analog output to any Sonos product that has the Line-In feature.  You can also connect any Audioengine passive speakers into an existing Sonos system using the Sonos Amp.

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Weight 30.3 lbs
Dimensions 16.0 × 16.0 × 18.0 in

Satin Black, Hi-Gloss White