A5+ Home Music System

A5+ Home Music System

The A5+ Powered Speakers are bookshelf speakers with sound that can fill any room. No network setup, passwords to enter, or buttons to push.

Connection Types:
Aux Analog InAnalog InSubwoofer Out
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  • Two Speaker Stereo
    2-Speaker Stereo
  • RCA Input
    Dual Analog Audio Inputs
  • Remote Control
  • Silk Dome Tweeters
    Silk Tweeters & Aramid Fiber Woofers
  • Subwoofer Output
    Subwoofer Output
A5+ powered speakers

You won’t hear any enhanced super-mega-hyper-monster boomy bass from these powered speakers. The low end from the A5+ Powered Speakers is real bass, very near to the originally-recorded music. From rap to classical to movies, you’ll get tight, punchy bass with an awesome growl that will make you smile – regardless of the volume level.

Even if you’re not an audio enthusiast we guarantee your music will sound better!



Desktop or stands
5” woofers
Analog inputs
Connect a subwoofer
Wireless options
Remote control

Audioengine A5+ powered speakers
A5+ Audioengine

The A5+ Powered Speakers are bookshelf speakers that pack a big sound, filling any room. No network setup, passwords to enter, or buttons to push. Setting them up is so easy you’ll be rocking in no time.

Connect your phone, computer, TV, turntable or any other audio gear for great stereo sound in any room.

Keep your music fun, easy, and sounding great.

Audioengine powered speakers



Clear, full and powerful audio that fills any room. The A5+ Powered Speakers are constructed with custom Audioengine components: aramid fiber woofers, silk tweeters, and built-in power amps wrapped in precision-tuned and hand-crafted cabinets.

Smart speakers that are perfect for any sized space.

A5+ powered speakers

Audioengine speakers are special. Their traditional analog amplifiers sound incredible compared to lower-cost digital amps found in other mass-produced brands.

A whole new music experience, guaranteed.

What's in the Box

A5+ powered speakers unboxing
1A5+ Home Music System powered (left) speaker
1A5+ Home Music System passive (right) speaker
1Remote control
1Speaker wire (16AWG), 3.75 meters (~12.3 ft)
1AC power cord, 1.8 meters (~5.9 ft)
1Mini-jack to mini-jack audio cable, 2 meters (~6.5 ft)
1RCA audio cable, 2 meters (~6.5 ft)
2Microfiber speaker bags
2Microfiber cable bags
1Setup guide

Questions & Answers

  • If I connect my turntable to Audioengine speakers, do I need a phono preamp? Or can I simply connect the turntable directly to the analog input?

    All turntables require a phono preamp stage before connecting to Audioengine speakers. Many turntables have this built-in , while others do not and would require an external phono preamp. Check the turntable manufacturer’s website or user manual. Some turntables may even include Bluetooth, in which case you can pair and connect them to the speakers wirelessly!

  • Can I take my A5+ Classic to another country with a different voltage?

    Yes, just switch the voltage selector on the rear panel to match the AC power in your country before powering them on. We recommend changing the fuse when using a different voltage.  For 220 volts, here's the value you would need:5mm x 20mm - 1.6 amps @ 250 volts - slow blow fuse. The power cable is detachable on our powered speakers which makes it convenient to replace the AC plug with a different type if you don't want to use an adapter plug.

  • Will my current universal remote work with my A5+ Classic?

    The A5+ Classic is not officially supported by any universal remotes. It is possible to use a third party remote, but that remote needs to support IR learning. This is a feature that allows a universal remote to learn commands directly from the remote we supply. The Logitech Harmony remote, for example, is supported by the A5+ Classic.

  • Can I use my headphones with the A5+ Classic?

    You wouldn't be able to use a pair of headphones directly with the A5+ Classic; in order to use headphones with the A5+ Classic, you would need to include something with a dedicated headphone amp, such as our D1. All you would need to do is plug the D1 into your computer (either with an optical or USB cable) and connect the D1 from its RCA outputs into either of the inputs of your speakers.

  • Are the A5+ Classic speakers accurate enough to serve as studio monitors for mixing music tracks?

    The A5+ Classic was designed with the user's listening experience in mind and are not marketed as pro audio mixing monitors. However, Audioengine has its roots in the studio monitor world and the A5+ Classic is quite good for this purpose. We've had customers tell us they use these for nearfield listening and music editing with excellent results.

  • Do Audioengine speakers have an auto-sleep, idle, or auto-power-off function? Can I leave them on all the time?

    Yes they do! They are equipped with a power-saving circuit that turns off the speaker's final stage amp. This idle mode activates right after you stop playing music. Due to this power-saving function, it's perfectly fine for the speakers to stay on all the time!

  • Can I use a power inverter with the A5+ Classic?

    Sure, for A5+ Classic you will need about 100-120W.

  • Does the A5+ Classic come with speaker grills?

    Our woofers are made of aramid fiber and the tweeter domes are silk. Both of these materials are very robust and can handle quite a bit, therefore we decided against grill covers for the A5+ Classic as they tend to negatively color the sound. Even though our speakers do not have grills they are still cat and kid-friendly!

  • Is Audioengine able to ship orders outside of the US?

    We do not sell internationally directly from our website, but you can buy locally in many countries around the world! To buy our products from a local seller, visit this link and enter your location into the map:


  • Do I need a separate receiver for Audioengine powered speakers?

    Nope! Audioengine powered speakers have amplifiers built-in. This means you don't need any extra equipment, other than a source to play music on (smartphone, / tablet, a computer, CD player, Turntable, Etc). Just plug your source directly into the inputs on the rear panel of the left speaker with the included cables, and you're listening to music!

  • Some people want to upgrade the audio on their TV's but aren't necessarily interested in surround sound. Can I hook up Audioengine speakers to my TV instead of buying a surround sound system or soundbar?

    Audioengine speakers can be easily connected to your TV set as long as there are analog outputs available. Any of our speakers will provide a greatly enhanced TV audio experience with a wider soundstage and better imaging than most sound bars.

  • Can I use Audioengine speakers with an existing Sonos setup?

    Absolutely!  You can connect any Audioengine speaker with an analog output to any Sonos product that has the Line-In feature.  You can also connect any Audioengine passive speakers into an existing Sonos system using the Sonos Amp.

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Weight 29.0 lbs
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Satin Black, Hi-Gloss White, Natural Bamboo