HDP6 Passive Speakers

HDP6 Passive Speakers

The HDP6 passive speakers are perfect for stereo receivers, integrated amps, and tube amplifiers.

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HDP6 Passive Speakers

Since 2005, Audioengine has been designing products that stand out for all the right reasons. The HDP6 is no exception. A compact loudspeaker that blends old-school elegance and modern technology that works with any decor.

HDP6 cabinets are available in several handsome finishes for complementing room furnishings. Also included are detachable grills that add further aesthetic advantages, as they are firmly held in place with hidden neodymium magnets for a clean look. Finally, enjoy a better listening experience without compromising your style.



Brings your music and movies to life
Mid century modern design complimenting any decor
Engineered by Audioengine, meticulously crafted by hand
Custom aramid fiber woofers with diecast aluminum frames
Removable magnetic grills
Impressive power range

Audioengine uses audiophile-quality, ferrofluid-cooled silk dome tweeters with neodymium magnets. Silk tweeters hold up well under high power and the edge-driven design gives a very smooth response. The woofers are aramid fiber woven glass composite with rubber surrounds. Aramid fibers are very strong, meaning the woofer retains its shape when being driven at high levels. The HDP6 woofers are housed in cast aluminum frames which provide high rigidity and increased heat dispersion.

Audioengine Passive Speakers
HDP6 Passive Speakers

Instantly experience award-winning HD-Series sound and quality in this high-performing loudspeaker. The HDP6 passive speakers are the perfect way to keep playing your stereo AV receiver, integrated amplifier, or tube amp.

Dust off the old gear and breathe new life into the audio equipment you already love. A simple connection and your old-school components will sound better than the day you brought them home. Hook it up and HEAR the difference.

Audioengine Passive Speakers



The HDP6 is an impressive set of speakers with room filling audio that fit into any decor on a shelf, cabinet, or stand. A modestly-sized home music system that offers you the flexibility to place them in tight spaces while projecting the same big sound as floorstanders.

High-quality audio, modern style and more room for dancing.

Passive Speakers

For 15 years, Audioengine has been changing the way people listen to music. We believe in the power of music and our passion is to inspire you to listen every day.

Audioengine designs and manufactures our own speaker drivers and other critical components. In other words, HDP6 is not a box-built system with off-the-shelf parts, but includes custom-designed components constructed to our specifications. What we do not fabricate directly inside our factories we have built to our specifications.

We build it, so you’ll keep listening. Let’s PLAY.

What's in the Box

2HDP6 Passive Speakerss
2Microfiber speaker bags

Questions & Answers

  • What amplifiers work best with the HDP6?

    The HDP6 is a very efficient speaker and designed to work well with digital hybrid amplifiers (Class-D, Class-T, etc.) as well as most stereo receivers, integrated amps, tube amplifiers, and whole-house music systems such as the Sonos ZonePlayer 120. The HDP6s have an amplifier power rating of 10-150W per channel, so any amplifier that outputs that power should work great!

  • The HDP6 is rated at 4 ohms but my receiver has speaker outputs listed as 8 ohms. Will the HDP6s work with my receiver?

    The lower the speaker impedance, the more current (amperage) your amp or receiver will need to provide, but most separate power amps have more than a sufficient power supply and power amp sections for driving 4 ohm loads with ease. In fact many amps will perform better with a 4 ohm load as opposed to 8 ohms if their design is robust enough to supply the extra current. A quick web search will bring up more information on this subject.

  • Is Audioengine able to ship orders outside of the US?

    We do not sell internationally directly from our website, but you can buy locally in many countries around the world! To buy our products from a local seller, visit this link and enter your location into the map:


  • Can I use Audioengine speakers with an existing Sonos setup?

    Absolutely!  You can connect any Audioengine speaker with an analog output to any Sonos product that has the Line-In feature.  You can also connect any Audioengine passive speakers into an existing Sonos system using the Sonos Amp.

Professional Reviews

The Audioengine HDP6 is a handsome, high-level performer for the traditionalist—the high-ender who still enjoys the rough-and-tumble mixing and matching of components. Read Full Review
This is a hell of a speaker and perhaps the best gateway drug speaker and first stepping stone you can buy that will lead you to the higher end speaker realm Read Full Review
The HDP6s throw a good soundstage, wide and typically deep for a good bookshelf. Dudamel’s DG Mahler 9 with his LA band sounded spectacular, with deep bass and real power on the bass drum. You’ll feel it. Read Full Review
Costing next to nothing in high-end audio, the Audioengine HDP6 pushed the performance envelope of budget bookshelf speakers of the day. Read Full Review

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Weight 32.0 lbs
Dimensions 17.0 × 23.0 × 14.0 in

Satin Black, Walnut, Cherry Wood