B-Fi Multiroom Music Streamer (Refurbished)


B-Fi Multiroom Music Streamer (Refurbished)

Upgrade your stereo and bring high-fidelity music streaming into your home. Connect B-Fi to any music system and your internet to stream from your favorite music service or direct from your music library using your phone, tablet, or computer.



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  • AirPlay

Upgrade the audio gear you already love and bring high-fidelity wireless music streaming into your home. Connect B-Fi to any music system and your Wi-Fi network to stream from your favorite music players or music library using your phone, tablet, or computer.



Download our companion app and connect to your home Wi-Fi network using an iOS or Android phone or tablet. Then instantly stream high-quality wireless music from the included music players or leave our app and play from any other player or streaming service via Airplay.

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Stream from your music library or use our in-app music services, which include Spotify, TIDAL, Qobuz, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, Napster and more, using your iOS or Android phone. Or use AirPlay to stream from any other music player or service as you’re not stuck using one product app

Music services in our companion app
Tune In



Add additional B-Fi streamers to other music systems or your home theater for multiroom sound, stereo pairing, and multi-user capabilities. Control your music from anywhere in your home and play any song in any room (or every room).

B-Fi is easy to set up, simple to control, and features digital and analog outputs for high-definition audio. And no matter how you listen, B-Fi audio quality will always be best-in-class.


  • Upgrade your stereo and bring high-fidelity wireless Wi-Fi music into your home.
  • Play different music in different rooms or the same song in every room.
  • Listen to on-demand internet radio, podcasts, audiobooks, and save your favorites.
  • Low-latency streaming with no audio lag between speakers.
  • Control your music, volume, and speaker selection from anywhere in your home.
  • Continuous play without draining your device’s battery.
  • Digital output for premium high-definition audio.
  • The free Audioengine Control app is available in the Google Play and Apple App stores.

What's in the Box

1B-Fi Multiroom Music Streamer (Refurbished)
1RCA audio cable, 0.9 meters (~2.9 ft)
1Power supply w/ detachable AC cord
1Microfiber product bag
1Setup guide

Questions & Answers

  • What music sources can be sent to more than one B-Fi simultaneously?

    Any audio source can be used for multiroom playback through your B-Fi(s) when using AirPlay, or when streaming audio via DLNA / UPnP, or using the streaming services integrated into the Audioengine Control App. The B-Fi(s) need only first be configured into groups using the Audioengine Control App.

  • How many rooms or zones are possible?

    The Audioengine Control app supports a maximum of 12 rooms, however for most homes we recommend 8.

  • Can I use B-Fi connected speakers, alongside Sonos speakers?

    You could use these two systems separately, with their respective apps, and separately through Airplay. Sonos speakers are not able to be integrated into a B-Fi system, though. The Audioengine Connect App is only able to recognize B-FI connected audio systems, and the Sonos App will not recognize B-Fi wireless music streamers. So there wouldn’t be a way to group them together.

  • What is the wireless connection range for the B-Fi?

    After setup you can stream your music anywhere there is a reliable wireless internet signal.

  • What are the differences between B-Fi (wi-fi) and B1 (Bluetooth)?

    • B-Fi uses your home Wi-Fi network for multiroom music streaming and stereo pairing, while B1 uses Bluetooth.  
    • B-Fi allows you to name and rename devices, while B1 does not due to limitations of Bluetooth.
    • B-Fi requires the Audioengine Control app for initial setup while no product app is required for B1.


  • Which has better sound, Audioengine Bluetooth or Wi-Fi?

    Both are capable of high-resolution and high-definition audio and provide the highest quality sound for wireless streaming.

  • If B-Fi is used outside the Audioengine app, will multiroom and stereo configurations follow to other music services and apps?

    Yes, while streaming via Airplay.

  • Can I use a hotspot as an access point?

    Yes. If your hotspot is listed as a choice in Wi-Fi networks, you can use it as an access point.

  • Can B-Fi play high resolution music?

    The B-Fi supports lossless playback of CD quality audio, with zero compression. While you can play higher than CD quality audio to the B-Fi through DLNA, UPnP, or high res streaming apps like TIDAL and Qobuz, all audio is transmitted at 16-bit 44.1kHz.

  • Can I play locally-stored music?

    Yes. You can play music from your library, a mobile device storage device, and portable hard disks and NAS.

  • Can a single B-Fi have multiple users?

    Yes, anybody connected to the same network.

  • Do all Audioengine Speaker Systems work with B-Fi?

    Any Audioengine powered speaker systems that have line-level (RCA or 3.5mm) input connection or digital optical input will work with B-Fi.

  • Does the B-Fi support 5GHz network access points (wireless routers)?

    The B-Fi is a 2.4GHz device but most networks are dual-band, so select 2.4GHz during B-Fi setup.

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Additional information

Weight 2.0 lbs
Dimensions 10.5 × 7.3 × 2.5 in