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Wireless Speaker Reviews are In

Wireless Speaker Reviews are In

See what people have to say about our wireless speakers.


B2 Wireless Speaker

     B2 Wireless Speaker

They are the best bluetooth speakers I’ve heard. Quite loud as well. I don’t want to bother everyone else in the building so I will be keeping it on the lower end. The sound is very true at low volumes though. Great buy!

Juan L

Bought this for my outdoor wedding. My husband is very very pleased with it! Sound quality is awesome it was so awesome that our upstairs neighbor had to come tell us to turn it down LOL!

Megan W

Powerful Bluetooth speaker. Loud, yet clear. Good Bluetooth distance. I like the quality and feel of the product. My son has it paired with an Echo Dot and he loves it.

Rommel L



HD6 wireless speaker reviews

HD6 Wireless Speakers

These are fantastic sounding speakers. Much more refined and lifelike than I expected. They also throw a wide and deep sound stage. The wood cabinets finished in genuine walnut veneer are stunning and flawless. The sound is more natural and balanced from top to bottom. They sound super smooth and relaxed. As an audiophile for over 40 years I have a very discerning musical palette and simply put the HD6 is a very musical speaker. The engineers at Audioengine know what they are doing.

Bruce W

Replaced a 20 year old receiver, was sad to see it go. 5 channel surround sound Cambridge audio, it was wonderful. Then along came the Audioengine HD6. Packed perfectly in three (3) boxes, cradled in a sack. They look great, the walnut is like a piece of furniture. Then you fire them up, 50 hours of break in, the first sound out of these things was wonderful. These are some great speakers. Get rid of your wires and get these.


So these sound….uhhhhh….. amazing? Yeah, lets go with that. They sound incredible and put out more bass than I typically expect from bookshelf speakers. I did still pair it with the S8 Sub because I like to feel the music or movie. Remote is made from solid aluminum so it’s got some heft which is just lovely. Face plates are magnetically mounted to the speakers and seem to automatically center themselves, so that’s pretty sweet too. 100% worth the investment so far!




HD3 wireless speaker reviews

HD3 Wireless Speakers

You will NOT find better sounding speakers in this size at any any price. The A2+ (which I used to own), is an inch smaller and basically sounds as good. But the HD3 has Bluetooth, a front mounted mountedvolume control, a better DAC, and HAS A GRILL. No other powered speaker in this size (and I have tried many of them) will sound nearly as good.


I can’t believe all that sound comes from these tiny speakers! Truly impressive!

Kevin D

Holy hell! Phenom speakers! I’ve never really been an audiophile type, but for their size, I can’t believe the clarity and bass these speakers put out. Via USB to PC, these are the perfect desktop speakers. The Bluetooth seems to be on-point as well. It immediately connects to my android phone from sleep mode; no need to power the speakers back on. I’ve noticed that when placed on my desk, the sound seems to hit me on my chest, so I’ve ordered the DS1 speaker stands. I was worried about them not seeming worth the price paid, but I have no regrets at all. If you’re looking for a substantial upgrade from a cheap Bluetooth single speaker setup, just buy these.




A5+ wireless speaker reviews

A5+ Wireless Speakers

The quality and design of my new A5+ Wireless speakers are top notch! I read about the extended range of the Bluetooth but had no idea until I tested them 100ft away using my phone as the source and they still have clear crisp sound. Definitely worth the money plus Audioengine has a 3 year warranty. Highly recommend these speakers.

Robert A

These things are insane for their size. I have a decent sized living room and I can’t come close to turning these up all the way. Clarity is absolutely perfect at any level. Bass is impressive. Can’t see any need for an external sub. So far I’m thrilled with my purchase.

Nicholas A

These speakers are truly high performance with great design. The Bluetooth range is impressive. I can be anywhere in my yard and still get a great connection. The sound has proven to be very crisp with an impressive low end. I would definitely recommend these speakers.

Alan A


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