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Which Speakers are Best For You?

Which Speakers are Best for You?

Which Speakers are Best for You?

For their first few years Audioengine offered two products; the A2 Desktop Speakers and the A5 powered bookshelf speakers. And after seeing the success of these we decided to venture into more great products, eventually adding wireless capabilities, passive speakers, and other options to our lineup. These days if you find yourself browsing the Audioengine webstore you might think it a bit difficult to decide which of our awesome products is right for you. But rest assured, we have something for everyone and want to make it easy for you to decide, so we’ve come up with a list of questions you should ask yourself when shopping…

Do I Need Passive Or Powered Speakers?

A big important question indeed, but an easy one to answer.

best passive speakers

Powered speakers are an all-in-one solution to your stereo system needs. They include both the amplifier AND the speakers. These are great if you want the full Audioengine experience and if you don’t already have an amplifier that you absolutely love. A situation in which you would only need passive speakers is if you had an amplifier or AVR that you couldn’t part with. Not to worry, if you do love your existing amplifier, our P4 and HDP6 passive speakers will pair perfectly with and give new life to any amp!

Do I Need Wireless Speakers?

This will depend heavily on the devices from which you wish to play your audio.

Do I need wireless speakers?

If you are looking for a set of powered speakers to play audio from a turntable or even an old tape deck you found in the attic, you really won’t need to worry about having wireless speakers. Devices that are strictly analog should have the appropriate analog outputs required to connect directly to the inputs on our A2+ and A5+ speakers. However, if you know you will want to stream music from your laptop, tablet, or phone, you’re definitely going to need to be in the wireless market; which includes our B2HD6HD3, and A5+ Wireless speakers. All of these are great options so your decision may lean on the next topic.

Does Size Matter?

The short answer is, sorta kinda.

how to pick the best speakers

If you have a specific physical space you’re working with and need a speaker that fits, of course it matters. Smaller options include the A2+ and the B2, where larger speakers include HD6 and A5+ music systems. But the more important aspect is power rather than size. And yes, power definitely matters. While even the Audioengine speakers of lesser power still pack a major punch, it is important to consider the space the speakers need to fill. If you are going to use your speakers outdoors for parties or gatherings, it’s probably best to consider a higher-power (or louder) speaker set such as HD6. But if you just need to connect your computer to some speakers to watch Youtube or listen to iTunes in your bedroom, the B2 will work great!

shopping for the best speakers

Audioengine speakers offer a 30-day audition and a 3-year warranty. So, if for some crazy unlikely reason you aren’t happy with your speakers or if they malfunction, you’re covered!

The simple fact is, we do make something for everyone. There are always a few factors to consider when making a purchase but hopefully this quick writeup gives you some insight on how to make the best speaker buying decision. In any event, we know you’ll be blown away by the unprecedented listening experience you’ll get out of Audioengine speakers.

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