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The Audioengine A5 Story - Since 2005

Audioengine set a new standard in home audio in 2005 with the launch of the A5 Home Music System. Prior to the A5, true audio quality was thought to require a full-sized set of floor speakers coupled with a substantial amplifier.  

Options for uncompromised high-quality audio that could fit seamlessly into smaller more intimate spaces were very limited, expensive and largely unknown outside of recording studios. The introduction of the A5 marked the beginning of a significant shift in home audio systems, challenging the norms and redefining what was possible. 

The Advent of the A5+ 

November 2005 marked a significant milestone in the audio industry with the debut of the Audioengine A5+, a home music system designed not just to play music, but to breathe life into it. This introduction wasn't just the launch of another speaker system; it signified the onset of a new era in home audio, delivering unmatched quality amidst the quickly changing technological world. 

In a year notable for technological leaps such as YouTube's debut which reshaped media and music streaming, the A5+ found its place offering your favorite songs played exactly as the artist intended. In a form that fits easily on most bookshelves or larger desks, the A5 became the perfect companion for devices like then newly launched 1st generation iPod Nano. 

Technological Mastery and Artistic Elegance 

Since the early days, the A5 served as a bridge between the rich analog sound of vinyl records and the crisp digital future of music streaming. It introduced groundbreaking features such as an integrated charging port for endless music playback and embraced early wireless technology, foreseeing the shift towards untethered audio experiences. Its compatibility with the Apple Airport Express, equipped with a dedicated power supply, showcased our vision for a seamless, wire-free listening journey. 

Through several generations of improvements, the A5 received a redesigned rear port for improved sound quality, a seamlessly integrated modern digital-to-analog converter (DAC) and lossless extended range Bluetooth connectivity. The latest variant, adapted to music lovers' evolving needs, has the designation “A5+ Wireless” to signify its wireless capabilities. 

Introducing the HD5: A Tribute to Excellence 

The newest Audioengine Home Music System to be released, the HD5, is the upgraded modern counterpart to the A5, based on the components that made the A5+ a worldwide success.  

With the same sound and accuracy of the A5 that has been loved by professional studios and music lovers alike, the HD5 delivers a powerful accurate soundstage surrounded with exquisitely handcrafted speaker cabinets featuring our exclusive HD Series real wood finishes. 

Supported by a 3-year warranty, the HD5 is more than a home music system; it's a commitment to the future of sound. 

A Legacy in Continuation 

From the A5+ to the HD5, this progression signifies not just technological advancement but a deep-rooted commitment to the artistry of music. As we forge ahead, the HD5 invites us to immerse in sound in its most authentic form, continuing the A5+'s storied legacy and cementing Audioengine's status as a pioneer of audio excellence.  

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