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Speaker of the House/Select All Speakers CAPTCHA Meme


You've seen it—every time Capitol Hill is in chaos, a meme resurfaces. A meme that grabs attention while making a point. But have you ever noticed the real star of the show? Yes, it's none other than the Audioengine A5+ Home Music System. 


Let's take a step back. This meme emerged several years ago, coinciding with various political events involving the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. Whether it's Nancy Pelosi or Kevin McCarthy in the spotlight, one thing remains constant: the Audioengine A5+ at the center of it all. This meme has garnered millions of views, spanning political affiliations and beliefs, making it a cultural phenomenon in its own right. 

The Origin of the Meme: A CAPTCHA Twist 

Ever been asked to prove you're not a robot online? That's CAPTCHA at work. The "Speaker of the House" meme brilliantly spins this anti-robot test into a commentary on politics. Normally, you'd select images like traffic lights or bicycles. In the viral “select all speakers” meme, you're selecting speakers—yet the Audioengine A5+ is always a constant in the meme, a testament to its universal appeal and quality. 

The Real Star: Why Audioengine A5+ Stands Out 

The A5+ isn't just a meme accessory; it's a high-fidelity powerhouse. With durable, high-quality materials, it's built for long-lasting performance. But what truly sets it apart? Clarity, depth, and precision in sound. Whether you're a fan of wireless convenience through Bluetooth aptX technology or prefer the reliability of wired connections like USB and RCA, the A2+ adapts to your lifestyle. It's not just a purchase; it's a long-term investment in superior sound experiences.


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