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How To Connect Your Gaming Console to Your Speakers

Audioengine’s Home Music Systems are designed to deliver exceptional sound quality, offering you a next level gaming experience enhancing every footstep and gunshot, pulling you into the game's world, making every moment feel real and alive.  

This guide will help you navigate the nuances of connecting your Xbox Series X or PS5 directly to your Audioengine Desktop Speakers, Gaming DAC, or other speakers. Before we dive in, let's address a crucial but often overlooked aspect: the type of display you're using. 

Why TVs Simplify Speaker Connection 

Gaming on a modern TV makes connecting speakers straightforward. TVs usually offer a variety of audio outputs, giving you several options for your audio setup. Simply connect via HDMI to your TV and connect the speakers through an available audio output.

Computer monitors, while often providing high refresh rates, often have limited audio output options and so, this guide will be helpful to those of you who are looking to avoid using a TV. 

Note on Direct Connections 

The FAQs and compatibility table below focus on direct connections between your gaming console and speakers. If you're using an additional device like an A/V receiver, or connecting through your TV, compatibility may differ. 

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How To Connect Your Xbox Series X to Your Speakers

Can I connect external speakers to my Xbox Series X? 

Certainly, although with limitations. The Xbox Series X doesn't natively support USB, optical, or Bluetooth audio outputs. You can, however, utilize the 3.5mm audio jack on the wireless controller to connect speakers that accept this input. 

We recommend purchasing an inline HDMI audio extractor. This device can take the HDMI output from your Xbox Series X and extract the audio to outputs like Optical or RCA, allowing you to connect your speakers more easily. 

How To Connect Your PS5 to Your Speakers

Can I connect external speakers to my PS5? 

Yes, you can. The PS5 supports USB audio output, making it compatible with speakers that offer this input*. However, the PS5 does not support 3.5mm, optical, or Bluetooth audio outputs. 

Why is the type of display I use important? 

As previously mentioned, your choice of display—whether a monitor or a TV—affects your audio options. Monitors usually lack the audio output variety found in modern TVs. 

Summary of Input Compatibility 

Refer to this table for compatibility between different audio input types and the Xbox Series X and PS5: 

Input Type  Xbox Series X  PS5 
3.5mm  ✓ (via controller)   
USB    ✓* 


  • ✓: Compatible 
  • ✕: Not Compatible
  • Note: *While the PS5 supports USB audio, it supports USB Audio Class 1 devices. If your device doesn't support USB 1.0, you will need an adapter as discussed in this guide on the PS5 reddit.


Final Thoughts 

Understanding your setup's compatibility is essential for an optimal audio experience. Using a TV provides more options for connecting your speakers, but a monitor isn't entirely limiting; you just need the right equipment, like an HDMI audio extractor for Xbox setups. 

Feel free to explore our other resources to further optimize your gaming and audio experience. 


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