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A5+ Wireless Speaker

Celebrating 18 Years with You: Remembering Our First Sale

November 22, 2023, marks 18 years since we sold the very first Home Music System, an Audioengine A5+ on November 22, 2005. 

As we look back to November 2005, we're reminded of a remarkable year in both technology and music. 2005 was the year when YouTube, now a household name, first made its debut. 

In this exciting era of new digital experiences, the Audioengine A5 made its debut. The world that welcomed the A5+ was buzzing with digital innovation, yet still finding its footing in this new landscape. Ad

Much like YouTube, which grew to redefine media and music streaming, the A5+ began its journey as a pioneer in offering top-notch audio quality, providing the best listening experience for devices of the time, like the brand new 1st generation iPod Nano which launched that fall.  

Now, as we celebrate 18 years of the A5+, it's amazing to see how the A5+ has evolved alongside our increasingly digital world, maintaining its status as a beloved component in many music lovers' lives. 

Technological Advances and the Audioengine A5+ 

In this transformative landscape, the original Audioengine 5 – later known as the A5+ – made its debut. Our A5+ wasn’t just a pair of speakers; it was a bridge between the classic and the contemporary. With features like a built-in charging port which allowed users to charge their devices while enjoying even the longest playlist. 

The A5 stood out for its early support of wireless technology, primarily through its compatibility with the Apple Airport Express. To complement this support, the A5 included an AC power supply, thoughtfully designed to power the Airport Express. This early adoption showcased our vision of a wire-free audio experience, aligning with the emerging trends of the time.  

The Audioengine 5 connected to the Apple Airport Express.

The Audioengine 5 connected to the Apple Airport Express. Photo by S Woodside, flickr.com, Creative Commons.

Throughout its journey, the Audioengine A5+ has embraced several additional design changes. The speaker's rear port design was updated for improved airflow, enhancing acoustic clarity. The transition to a USB B port provided a seamless connection experience. We also stepped into the wireless realm with our Bluetooth model, featuring 100-foot streaming range and unparalleled convenience. The addition of our beautiful bamboo veneer variation not only provides a unique aesthetic but also highlights our commitment to sustainability. 

Reflecting on Our Progress 

From that first A5+ sale to today, our journey together has been filled with growth, learning, and a shared passion for audio. We've adapted to new technologies and continued to share our passion for high-quality audio, thanks to your invaluable feedback and support. 

Thank You for Being a Part of Our Story 

Your support and love for Audioengine have been invaluable. Here's to continuing our journey together, filled with music, innovation, and shared experiences. 

With Sincere Thanks and Excitement for the Future, 

The Audioengine Team 


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