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Best DAC 2024: Audioengine D1, D1P and DAC3 Reviewed by Top Publications

2024's Best Headphone Amplifier & Digital-to-Analog Converter ratings: D1, D1P, and DAC3

On this collection page you'll find detailed reviews from industry experts and major publications that applaud Audioengine's D1, D1P, and DAC3. These reviews collectively affirm the top-tier performance and reliability of our digital-to-analog converters and headphone amplifiers. Each piece is celebrated for its precision engineering and outstanding audio fidelity, offering users an unrivaled listening experience.

Best DAC and Headphone Amplifier of 2024: Audioengine D1

C-Tech by CalCalist

"The D1 by Audioengine has been honored as the "Best DAC and Headphone Amplifier of 2024" by C-Tech by CalCalist. This prestigious accolade highlights our dedication to excellence and innovation in audio technology. The D1 is praised for its superior sound quality and advanced features, making it the preferred choice for audiophiles seeking the ultimate in audio performance and convenience."

NEW Audioengine D1P DAC and Headphone Amplifier

For those demanding the best sound quality, the D1P enhances music streaming to high-fidelity, exceeding the capabilities of traditional audio equipment.

It bypasses the limitations of standard device sound cards, ensuring that your favorite tracks from platforms like Tidal, Apple Music, or Spotify are delivered in studio-level quality. Supporting high-resolution audio formats — including PCM up to 32bit 384KHz, DSD up to 256, and MQA files — the D1P allows you to immerse yourself in the full depth of your music, unveiling every note with clarity and detail.

Audioengine HD3 - Hi-Fi Stereo Desktop Speakers w/ Built-in 10K OHM Headphone Amplifier

Reddit R/Headphones

"The HD3 features a PCM5102 DAC and a OPA2134 headphone amp that's separate from the main speaker amp...The 3.5 mm headphone output does exactly what it's supposed to do: power your headphones without coloring the sound.

There was no noticable hiss or distortion at either end of the volume range. All you get is clean power with no coloration.

At $399 -- $319 refurb -- the HD3 is an awesome value that rolls 2 channel powered speakers, a DAC, a headphone amp, and Bluetooth receiver all into compact and attractive package."

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