Audioengine’s A2+ Wireless Speakers
Work Great with Turntable Setups

Audioengine’s A2+ Wireless Speakers make awesome companions to most any turntable setup out there, according to our friends at Gear Patrol. Read what they had to say below:


While true that traditional turntable setups have a lot of moving parts, that’s the nature of the beast — if not vinyl’s main allure.

The latest powered desktop speakers by Audioengine, the A2+ Wireless Speakers, make great partners for AT-LP120-USB, for example. You can connect the two via stereo RCA cables — one cable goes from the turntable to the master speaker (left) and then another tethers the two speakers together.

A2 Wireless and Turntable

What’s great about the A2+ Wireless is that they’re also versatile. They support Bluetooth aptX, so when the turntable is off, you can stream audio to them right from your smartphone or computer.