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What is Local Record Store Day and When Is It This Year?

What is Local Record Store Day?

In 2007, a group of independent record store owners and employees envisioned a day dedicated to celebrating the culture of independently owned record stores worldwide. Local Record Store Day happens every third Saturday in April.

The idea was simple yet profound: to acknowledge the unique community that surrounds these stores and the role that record stores play in the hearts of music lovers everywhere. Local Record Store Day has since evolved into a global event, with stores from every corner of the planet participating in the festivities. 

Record Store Day is not just another day on the calendar; It’s a day when artists, staff, and music lovers converge to celebrate through performances, exclusive vinyl and CD releases, and various promotional events, all highlighting the unique culture of music.

The Analog Experience in a Digital World 

Despite the digital age's conveniences, vinyl records offer a listening experience unmatched by digital formats. Analog records capture the full spectrum of sound, providing a depth and richness that digital formats, often compressed and stripped of subtle audio textures, cannot replicate. This authenticity connects listeners directly to the artist's original intended sound, making your first spin of a vinyl recording an entirely new immersive experience. 

Audioengine's Ode to Vinyl: Enhancing Your Listening Experience 

At Audioengine, our commitment to sound quality and listener experience align closely with the spirit of Record Store Day. Our Home Music Systems, designed with superior craftsmanship and performance in mind, are the perfect companions for vinyl enthusiasts.

From our custom-built woofers and silk tweeters to our handcrafted real wood speaker cabinets and hand tuned amplifiers, every component is designed to enhance the analog warmth and richness of vinyl records, bridging the gap between vintage sound and modern technology. Featuring the latest in digital to analog conversion technology, our Home Music Systems are ideal for vinyl listening while also offering the convenience of lossless aptX-HD Bluetooth for streaming from your mobile device. 

Audioengine HD6

Join Us in Celebrating Record Store Day: 4/20/2024

As Record Store Day approaches, we invite you to join us in celebrating this unique event that focuses on music's ability to bring people together. Whether you're a seasoned vinyl collector or new to the world of analog sound, Record Store Day is the perfect opportunity to explore the rich tapestry of music and community that record stores foster. 
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