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HD6 Wireless Speakers

What is Audioengine?

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What is Audioengine?

Music is available everywhere now.  You can stream it, download it or spin it off a record.

“Even Audiophiles will dig these speakers.  They’re that good” - CNet

“Rich, detailed, room-filling sound that bests speakers costing twice as much” - Wired

HD6 Wireless Speakers

We’re a small speaker company based here in Austin, TX, and our focus is to build products that not only sound great, but don’t cost a fortune.  We want to make it easy to enjoy your music, however you listen to it.

Audioengine powered speakers can connect to any device, from a computer to your TV, phone, or even a turntable.  And they can do it wired or wirelessly in high resolution. From intimate desktop music to high-impact home theater, Audioengine lets you play your music your way.

With Audioengine, it’s all simple, and guaranteed to sound great.

A5+ Wireless Speakers

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