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Studio Monitors or Home Music Systems: What's Best for Home Use?

Studio Monitors vs. Home Music Systems: Understanding the Difference 

When it comes to enjoying music, the type of desktop speakers you choose can significantly impact your listening experience. Studio monitors are known for their audio clarity, but they often cause ear fatigue during extended listening sessions for many normal listeners. 

At Audioengine, our Home Music Systems deliver excellent audio quality and accuracy, similar to studio monitors, but with a key difference: analog amplification. This results in a warmer sound profile, allowing you to enjoy your favorite songs just as the artist intended. 

Studio Monitors: Precision and Accuracy 

Studio monitors are designed for accuracy and precision, commonly used in recording studios to hear music exactly as it was recorded. These monitors feature digital amplifiers and often come with digital sound level (EQ) adjustments, allowing sound engineers to tweak the audio to perfection. 

  • Accuracy: Studio monitors provide an uncolored, flat sound profile, ensuring that what you hear is as close to the original recording as possible. 
  • Digital Amplifiers: Equipped with digital amplifiers, studio monitors deliver clean and precise sound. 
  • EQ Adjustments: Built-in digital EQ adjustments allow users to fine-tune the audio output, crucial for sound engineers adjusting the sound to match different recording environments and equipment. 

While studio monitors are excellent for professional use, their clinical accuracy may not appeal to everyone, especially music lovers who enjoy a more engaging and lively sound. 

Home Music Systems: Warmth and Enjoyment 

Home Music Systems, such as the Audioengine A2+, are designed to provide a warm, enjoyable listening experience. Our Home Music Systems feature analog amplifiers and CD-quality digital-to-analog converters, setting them apart from studio monitors: 

  • Analog Amplifiers: The Audioengine A2+ features analog amplifiers, contributing to its warm and lively sound. Analog amplifiers produce a rich mid-bass, creating a listening experience that feels more natural and dynamic. 
  • No Digital Sound Processing: Home Music Systems like the A2+ do not use digital EQ adjustments, keeping the sound pure and true to the artist's original intent without altering the audio's natural character. 
  • Built-in DAC: Digital sources such as Bluetooth, optical, or USB audio are converted back to analog using the built-in DAC, preserving the integrity of the sound wave. 
  • Optimized Design: Our Home Music Systems are hand-tuned with internal passive and active analog EQ components, reducing the need for user adjustments. This is often called a “House Curve”.  
  • Hand-Tuned EQ: Each Home Music System is hand-tuned by our expert sound engineers to provide an incredible listening experience that is made possible by adjusting the analog amplifiers to match with the custom components and speaker cabinets, achieving an accurate and enjoyable sound profile. 
  • Software Adjustments: Advanced users who’d like to adjust the EQ settings can use software such as APO to make this possible. 


What is a House Curve? 

A house curve is a frequency response curve tailored to provide a more natural and pleasing sound in a specific listening environment. Unlike a flat response curve, which can sound thin and harsh, a house curve typically boosts lower frequencies and slightly attenuates higher frequencies. This adjustment compensates for room acoustics and psychoacoustic effects, creating a more balanced and enjoyable listening experience. 

Why You Need a House Curve 

In professional audio settings, achieving a perfectly flat frequency response often results in sound that lacks warmth and depth. Despite achieving a flat response curve, the sound can often be thin and shrill, lacking bass and overall musicality. Boosting low frequencies while slightly reducing high frequencies produces a more desirable sound profile, ensuring that music reproduction is more enjoyable and true to the listener's expectations. 

Why Choose the Audioengine A2+? 

For music lovers who appreciate the warm, enjoyable sound reminiscent of the traditional stereo systems made popular in the 80s, the Audioengine A2+ offers a compelling alternative to studio monitors. The A2+ improves upon the sound profile of traditional stereos, by using carefully selected and assembled custom components while still maintaining its compact size.

Here are a few reasons why the A2+ might be the perfect choice for you: 

  • Warm Sound Profile: The analog amplifiers in the A2+ provide a warm and engaging sound. The mid-bass is lively, and the overall sound is more enjoyable and less clinical than that of a studio monitor. This makes the A2+ ideal for casual listening and enjoying your favorite music at home. 
  • Authentic Listening Experience: By avoiding digital EQ adjustments, the A2+ delivers a pure and unaltered sound, ensuring that you hear the music as the artist intended, with all its natural nuances and character intact. 
  • Simple and Modern Design: The A2+ features a sleek and stylish design that complements any home setup. It’s not just about great sound; it’s also about enhancing your living space with a beautiful and functional piece of audio equipment. 
  • Flexibility and Convenience: With built-in Bluetooth and multiple input options, the A2+ offers the flexibility to connect to various devices, making it easy to enjoy high-quality audio from any source. 


Understanding the difference between studio monitors and Home Music Systems is crucial for finding the right speakers for your needs. Studio monitors are perfect for those who require precise and accurate sound for professional use. However, if you’re looking for a warm, engaging, and enjoyable listening experience, a home music system like the Audioengine A2+ is an excellent choice. 

The analog amplifiers and lack of digital processing in the A2+ ensure a natural and authentic sound that brings your music to life.

If you want a music system that delivers both detail and enjoyment, the Audioengine A2+ is the perfect fit for your desktop audio setup. 


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