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New High-Resolution Audio Streaming Service Announced by Lenbrook and HDtracks

Lenbrook Media Group, the parent company of MQA Labs, and HDtracks, renowned for their audiophile-quality music downloads, have teamed up to launch a groundbreaking streaming service aimed at discerning music fans. This collaboration introduces several unique features, including the use of Lenbrook's innovative AIRIA by MQA Labs™ codec.

A Revolutionary Partnership

HDtracks co-founder David Chesky expressed his excitement about the partnership: “We have wanted to launch an HDtracks streaming service for some time. In Lenbrook, we have a partner with global reach to help us launch a service ensuring quality and consumer choice.”

Fans will be able to choose between PCM/FLAC and MQA formats, ensuring high-resolution audio streaming whether at home or on the go.

What is AIRIA by MQA Labs™?

AIRIA is Lenbrook’s latest advancement, designed to optimize audio delivery over wireless connections. Unlike MQA, which is a high-quality audio file format, AIRIA is a delivery protocol that ensures top-notch sound quality regardless of bandwidth limitations. Think of MQA as the high-quality content and AIRIA as the advanced system that transports this content seamlessly.

The New Service

The HDtracks service will be the first to use AIRIA, offering a transparent delivery codec that is equally suited for streaming from the cloud or wirelessly from a device to headphones. This codec, designed by the inventors of lossless compression, brings the benefits of a format-agnostic, scalable solution with an unmatched combination of audio quality, reliability, and data efficiency.

Lenbrook’s Vision

John Banks, Chief Strategy Officer at Lenbrook, explains, “Our industry has been built by providing discerning music enthusiasts with choices while using innovation to advance digital music delivery. As audiophiles ourselves, it’s an exciting prospect to bring a service to life for the millions of global audiophiles that care so passionately about the quality of the music they listen to.”

Integration Across Platforms

This new service will be available across various platforms, including dedicated mobile applications and integrations with high-end audio ecosystems. This ensures that audiophiles can enjoy high-quality audio content seamlessly, whether at home or on the go.

A Look Back at Previous Coverage

Reflecting on previous advancements in the industry, we’ve seen significant moves towards lossless audio streaming. Spotify’s shift to lossless formats and Tidal’s adoption of MQA have set the stage for further innovations. The introduction of AIRIA by Lenbrook and HDtracks pushes these boundaries even further, promising an unmatched audio experience.

Audioengine's Commitment

At Audioengine, we are excited about the future of high-quality audio streaming. Our mission has always been to deliver superior home music systems that reproduce music exactly as the artist intended. With advancements like AIRIA, we are more committed than ever to ensuring our products meet and exceed new standards of audio excellence.

Our home music systems are designed to bring out the full potential of any music format, providing an unmatched listening experience whether you're streaming wirelessly or using wired connections. As we continue to innovate and refine our products, we are excited about the possibilities that new technologies like AIRIA bring to the table.

Looking Forward

As we anticipate the commercial availability of Lenbrook’s new technologies by 2025, we look forward to seeing how these innovations will enhance the listening experience for audiophiles around the world. We remain dedicated to developing home music systems that not only play sound but bring music to life.

Stay tuned for more updates as this exciting collaboration unfolds, promising to bring music fans closer to the audio quality they crave and deserve. With Audioengine and advancements like AIRIA, the future of high-resolution audio streaming looks brighter than ever.

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