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How Do Wireless Speakers Work With Your Devices?

Make the transition to a wireless system across the board.

So you’ve decided to integrate wireless speakers into your home or office… Awesome! Wireless speakers provide convenience and mobility without sacrificing sound quality.

When it comes to setting it up, though, you might be concerned as to whether or not all of your devices will connect seamlessly with your new speakers. Luckily, Audioengine’s wireless speakers are pretty user-friendly and can be connected to various types of devices.

For most mobile applications, such as streaming music from your smartphone or tablet, connecting to your speaker system is a simple matter of going into your device’s Bluetooth settings and connecting to the proper device. From there, your device will be able to reconnect with the wireless speakers at any time.

TVs and desktop computers can be a bit more complicated in terms of avoiding the usage of pesky wires and cables, which you probably wanted to eliminate when you opted to buy wireless speakers in the first place; however, there are a few options to make setting up your system easier, such as using wireless adapters with your sources. Wireless adapters, such as our W3 Wireless Adapter and D2 24-bit Wireless DAC, enable wireless connectivity in devices not previously built for wireless connections. You can still make use of those cables, of course, if you are uninterested in purchasing additional pieces for your audio system; since our wireless speakers feature analog inputs, they can easily be connected to them by simply connecting their line level outputs to the input of these speakers..

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Audioengine's wireless speaker systems and adapters make it possible for you to tune in from almost any device. Most of our products can also connect to multiple different types of brands or sources, so whether you prefer iPhones, iPads, or even Android devices, we have the wireless system components that will best accommodate you and your lifestyle.

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