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HD6 Wireless Speakers

HD6 Wireless Speakers Reviews

HD6 Wireless Speakers

HD6 Wireless Speakers are not just another great-sounding Audioengine speaker but a complete Bluetooth music system that works with all your apps, music, and devices (even your favorite turntable).

Blending the best of the past and present, HD6 combines stunning good looks with truly useful features. Tidal, Spotify, Pandora…all your favorite streaming apps play instantly.

No matter how you listen, HD6 Wireless Speakers have you covered.


"I can hear so much more detail than I could with other PC speaker systems I tried. Stereo separation is fantastic. And the tonality is pleasing and beautifully balanced."


“Audioengine’s brilliant new HD6 speakers: Stereo imaging was remarkably broad… (and) the HD6’s dynamic punch is awfully good….”

HD6 speakers reviews

HD6 is not just a pair of speakers, but an entire stereo system that both looks and sounds high-end, all for an extremely sensible asking price – a rarity in the audiophile world I assure you.”


HD6 Wireless Speakers

"I bought these to reduce clutter in my room. I had a receiver and it required remotes, shutting on and off every time I wanted to use it (they used too much power to leave on), extra space, a separate Bluetooth receiver and wires. It was basically a headache to use so I didn't use it much. These speakers eliminate the need for a receiver and thinking back to what I had before, I am very glad I made this purchase."

Jerome M

"These are fantastic sounding speakers. Much more refined and lifelike than I expected. They also throw a wide and deep soundstage. With the HD6 Audioengine opens the door to enter into the high-end audiophile arena. The wood cabinets finished in genuine walnut veneer are stunning and flawless. The sound is more natural and balanced from top to bottom. They sound super smooth and relaxed. As an audiophile for over 40 years I have a very discerning musical palette and simply put the HD6 is a very musical speaker. The engineers at Audioengine know what they are doing."

Bruce W

"Replaced a 20-year-old receiver, was sad to see it go, it was wonderful. Then along came the Audioengine HD6. Packed perfectly in three (3) boxes, cradled in a sack. They look great, the walnut is like a piece of furniture. Then you fire them up, 50 hours of break-in, the first sound out of these things was wonderful. These are some great speakers. Get rid of your wires and get these. From Mozart to Reggie these are one of the best pairs of speakers I have bought. Maybe the old surround sound was just old? These speakers replaced it with absolutely no regret. They pump just love out of them. Now go get a pair for yourself, it's a good thing."


"These speakers are amazing!!! Bass very powerful as if I had tower speakers!!! Amazing what technology goes into speakers this size!!!"

George M

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