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Coming Soon: New Hi-Fi Streaming Technology from MQA's Parent Company

The Future of MQA and Lenbrook's Innovative Developments 

Last year, MQA entered bankruptcy administration, creating uncertainty among Tidal users about the future of its hi-res audio library. Shortly thereafter, Lenbrook, a Toronto-based company, acquired MQA's technology and intellectual property. Lenbrook remained silent about its intentions for these assets until recently, when they announced their plans to innovate and enhance the audio experience. 

Editorial Update: Clarifying Lenbrook's Strategic Direction for MQA 

In our previous blog, we reported that Lenbrook, following its acquisition of MQA, planned to launch a new hi-fi streaming service powered by MQA technology. This information was incorrect, and we apologize for any confusion caused. 

Introducing AIRIA and Other New Technologies 

Rather than launching a new streaming service, Lenbrook has introduced several new technologies alongside MQA that will soon be used by potential music streaming platform partners to enable more convenient and higher quality music streaming than what was previously possible.  

AIRIA: Previously known as SCL6, AIRIA is what Lenbrook describes as its most exciting innovation. It is an advanced audio codec designed to ensure the highest possible sound quality over wireless connections, regardless of bandwidth limitations. Lenbrook has already tested AIRIA successfully with various clients, including several third-party streaming services. 

FOQUS: This technology focuses on improving analogue to digital conversion, providing superior audio fidelity in the conversion process. 

QRONO: QRONO aims to bring diverse audio processing enhancements to playback devices, improving the overall listening experience. 

What is a Codec and How is AIRIA Different from MQA? 

A codec is a method for compressing and decompressing audio files to maintain high sound quality during streaming. MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) focuses on delivering studio-quality sound in a compact file format, ensuring that the music you hear is as close as possible to the original recording. 

AIRIA, in contrast, is designed to optimize audio delivery over wireless connections. While MQA is a file format that encodes high-quality audio, AIRIA functions as a delivery protocol that ensures the best possible sound quality regardless of bandwidth limitations. Think of MQA as the high-quality content being delivered, and AIRIA as the advanced plumbing system that transports this content seamlessly, making it ideal for modern wireless streaming environments. 

Lenbrook’s Vision with MQA Technology 

With the acquisition of MQA, Lenbrook is pushing the boundaries of audio quality. The introduction of AIRIA, FOQUS, and QRONO showcases Lenbrook’s commitment to enhancing the entire audio chain, from recording to playback.  

Audioengine's Role: Bringing Your Audio to Life 

At Audioengine, we are committed to delivering superior home audio. Our Home Music Systems are designed to bring your favorite songs to life, exactly as the artist intended. 

With our advanced Digital-to-Analog Converters (DACs) supporting 32-bit MQA as well as other lossless codecs, every nuance of the artist's original recording is preserved, ensuring you experience the music as if you were at a live concert. 

Whether you are using our compact desktop speakers or a full-room home audio setup, you will enjoy stunning clarity and depth. With Audioengine, music is not just something you listen to, but something you feel, creating an authentic and engaging listening experience. 

Looking Forward 

As we anticipate the commercial availability of Lenbrook’s new technologies by 2025, we at Audioengine are excited about the future of high-quality audio.  

Our mission at Audioengine is to create products that deliver incredible sound quality, handcrafted design, and a seamless listening experience. We focus on producing home audio equipment that captures the depth, clarity, and emotion of every recording, making you feel like you are right there with the artist.  

Our products are designed to bring out the full potential of any music format, providing an unmatched listening experience whether you're streaming wirelessly or using wired connections. 




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