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Best Gaming Speakers

Best Gaming Speakers

Best Gaming Speakers

You’re big into gaming and we’re big into sound. We need each other!

best gaming speakers

Gaming has come so far in the last 20 years that it’s almost unbelievable. Game developers are some of the most talented artists in the world and making a cutting edge video game in today’s world requires a great team of highly imaginative and detail-oriented people. The goal of gaming today is to take the user into an entirely new universe, with unique sights, sounds, and sometimes physics. And when this much effort is poured into every element of a game’s design, why wouldn’t you want to experience it with speakers that complement the 3-dimensional nature of the game itself?

For total gaming immersion, we have chosen 3 of our products; the A2+, A5+, and HD3. Let’s take a look at each of these models and compare them…

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A2+ Desktop Speakers

The Audioengine 2+ Desktop Speakers are an upgraded version of our classic, award-winning model A2. They are compact enough to fit comfortably on a desk without crowding your gaming area, but still pack enough of a punch to enhance the impact of explosions, gunfire, and fights. The A2+ comes with a USB audio input so you can run signal from your computer into our streamlined digital-to-analog converter for beautifully reproduced sound. We even added an output to attach a subwoofer if you’re looking for even deeper, more chest-pounding low end from your gaming experience. And if you want to go wireless just pick up an Audioengine W3 wireless adapter and start slinging sound.

A5+ Powered Speakers

Next up is the powerhouse  A5+ Powered or Wireless Speakers. At 150 Watts, these speakers can put you in the middle of another world. Every CGI footstep is crisp and clear and you’ll find yourself hearing sounds you never realized were part of your games. These speakers are larger than the A2+ but if you have the space, they are a must-have. Connect your computer or gaming console through the audio inputs or go wireless and you’ll still have the option to connect a subwoofer for enhanced low end. A5+ Wireless speakers come standard with our 5” aramid fiber woofers and robust sleek build, so when you get super frustrated and throw your controller you won’t damage the speakers.

HD3 Wireless Speakers

The HD3 Wireless Speakers are closer to the size of the A2+, but pack in even more got-to-have features! Not only can you connect your computer or gaming system via a number of input styles, but you can also stream music from your phone or tablet using top quality aptX HD Bluetooth technology. They come in 4 finishes with removable speaker grills and a headphone output. This means you can block the outside world and completely submerge yourself in your gaming world by using your favorite pair of headphones with our built-in headphone amp for a superior soundstage.

Any of these models will undoubtedly take your gaming experience to the next level but it’s just a matter of what best suits you.

Do you need more inputs? More power? Headphone option?

In any case, consider the amount of time and expertise that went into every aspect of your favorite games and think about all the nuances that make those games special and add depth to your life. Audioengine puts the same amount of time and expertise into their speakers because we want to make sure you have the best possible sonic experience no matter what you’re all about.

[Find out what speakers are best for you. Take the quiz]

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