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Does Audioengine work with TIDAL?

Audioengine Works With Tidal

Audioengine Works With Tidal

Despite the pull of two music industry giants -- Beyonce and Jay-Z

Many avid music listeners are still not sure what exactly TIDAL is or why they should be using the platform.  In the world of music streaming services, TIDAL is still a less popular contender next to platforms like Pandora and Spotify, but there are a number of benefits to this unique streaming service.  Today we’re going to talk about a few of the features that set TIDAL apart from other services, and how Audioengine can help further enhance your TIDAL listening experience.

Does Audioengine work with TIDAL?

What Is TIDAL?

Apart from being owned by music moguls, most people don’t know what make TIDAL special.

One thing everyone should know about TIDAL is their mission to advocate and nurture up and coming artists.  TIDAL offers specific subscription tiers geared towards creating unique creative experiences between artists and their fans.  Exclusive video and audio content is procured through TIDAL and offered to serious fans who want a deeper connection with their music and the artists creating it.  The monetary benefit for artists is also heightened through TIDAL’s royalty payouts, which supersede just about every other popular streaming service.  Implementations such as these are just a few of the things that prove TIDAL’s dedication to the arts, and for those of us seeking something more out of our music, this is a beautiful thing.

You've been waiting for me to say it.

Sound quality is one of the most unique advantages of TIDAL which is why many users choose it over other music streaming services.  Most streaming services provide files in either MP3 or AAC formats, and while these file types aren’t always an abomination, they are certainly lacking in depth and liveliness due to many bits of information having been compressed away.  TIDAL offers high fidelity streaming options in the form of both FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) and MQA (Master Quality Authenticated).

FLAC is essentially akin to listening to a CD. The codec stores audio information at CD-level quality when converted to/saved as a digital audio file.  TIDAL has a library of roughly 48.5 million songs in FLAC format.

MQA format is truly supreme as it’s the only streamable audio that does not compromise the integrity of the original sound.  This allows listeners to hear the music just as it was recorded and mixed, which goes back to a few of our other articles about the importance of hearing the music as the artist and producer intended.

Tidal works with Audioengine

Where Does Audioengine Come In?

Great question; we knew you were wondering. We'd like to begin answering that with another question:

What good would TIDAL’s enormous database of high fidelity music be if you didn’t have any gear that could handle it and recreate it properly?

The fact is, you can play an immaculate audio file over a lousy pair of speakers and guess what?--it’ll sound lousy.  So the first way Audioengine helps is to provide a proper outlet for all this high quality audio.  We make sure every pair of our speakers is tuned to perfection to provide a broad, tangible, and three-dimensional soundstage that gives TIDAL audio an opportunity to seriously sparkle.


If you’re interested in wireless audio...

It’s important to remember that you can lose audio quality every step along its way from your source to the speakers. One of the greatest offenders is -- you guessed it – sending audio through the air instead of through a wire. But it’s not the atmosphere’s fault—the culprit is actually low-grade Bluetooth systems! Thankfully, Audioengine Wireless products utilize aptX HD Bluetooth codec which is the highest possible Bluetooth quality. When you set up a Wireless Audioengine product, it only takes a brief trip to your device’s wireless settings or to Audioengine’s Bluetooth Organizer App and you’ll be streaming high-quality audio from anywhere in your home with unbelievable ease.

TIDAL and Audioengine are a perfect pair

Audioengine is proud to consider themselves one of the industry leaders in changing and improving how we consume audio.  It’s our responsibility to identify partners, such as TIDAL, with whom we are philosophically compatible and work towards a confluence.  When all the right pieces are in place, your listening experience should become elevated, something brand-new… and we think you’ll love it.

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