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No external power is required. The D1P has a minimal power draw and can be powered directly by your mobile device or computer, ensuring efficient operation without significant power consumption. If you do not have a computer close by and are using the optical, any 5v DC USB power supply will work.

The D1P supports a wide range of headphones, from 10-600 Ohms, accommodating nearly all audiophile-grade headphones.

The D1P gives priority to the optical input over USB when dual connected.

Ensure the toggle switch is set to the headphone output and not the line out. This common step is overlooked and is crucial for directing audio correctly.

Key components include a Savitech SA9312 USB, an ESS ES9219C DAC for superior audio decoding, and a Cirrus Logic CS8416 for optical input, ensuring premium performance and sound quality.

The Toslink digital optical input allows the D1P to accept PCM stereo streams from any optical source, like TVs, computers, and media servers, providing flexible and high-quality audio connectivity.

The D1P processes PCM digital audio up to 32 bits and a maximum sample rate of 384kHz. It also supports DSD playback up to DSD128, allowing for high-resolution audio playback.

Yes, the D1P has built-in MQA hardware to complete the final unfold of an MQA audio file, offering a crystal clear listening experience.

The D1P supports MQA, FLAC, PCM, and DSD formats, ensuring it can handle a wide range of high-quality audio files for your listening pleasure.

By bypassing your computer’s internal DAC or sound card, the D1P with its advanced DAC technology and custom audiophile-grade connectors delivers a more expansive and detailed soundstage, enhancing your listening experience across platforms like iTunes, TIDAL, Spotify, and Pandora.

The D1P accepts both USB-C and S/PDIF optical input from any device with a TOSLINK digital optical, for your digital audio sources.

It is powered by your devices through a USB-C connection, with no need for an additional/external power source. This ensures convenient and versatile use across all your digital devices on-the-go, or from your home.

Absolutely, the D1P is engineered to power audiophile-grade headphones effortlessly. Its robust yet portable 32-bit headphone amplifier ensures superior sound quality from even the most demanding headphones.