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Audioengine's Dynamic A2+ Wireless Speaker System - AV Nirvana

A2+ Highlights: Affordable price point, compact, attractive cabinet finish, simple to integrate and operate, great overall sound.


The A2+ Wireless is Audioengine's latest A2 model, adding aptX Bluetooth to the mix for wireless performance. The speaker is well crafted, exhibits high-quality physical characteristics, and requires a small amount of space to deploy. Overall sound quality is very good, delivering an evenly tempered sound that's non-fatiguing. Bass output is somewhat restrained, but not to the detriment of playback.

The wireless audio segment is loaded with affordable speaker options, but there's a catch. More often than not, convenience and savings factors are marred by middling quality and playback capabilities. That’s why outfits such as Audioengine are appealing. Audioengine caters to convenience-seeking enthusiasts with a more refined engineering approach, delivering performance backed by in-house components and custom designs.

Last year, Audioengine added a new member to its offerings: the A2+ Wireless Speaker System (MSRP $269). This particular model builds upon the company's popular A2 speaker, replacing its Type B USB port in favor of Micro USB, while adding Hi-Fi aptX Bluetooth streaming. The resulting package costs roughly $50 more but adds a welcomed layer of convenience, allowing the A2+ to deploy as a desktop computer speaker or a standalone stereo pair on any surface with access to a power outlet...

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