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Audioengine HD3 Wireless Review:

Audioengine A5+ Speaker Review

We're honored to hear that our HD3 Wireless Speakers have been named as the Best Premium speakers of 2019 by TechZimo! Here's what they had to say about these speakers:

HD3 Wireless Review

"Your best bet is a pair of Audioengine HD3 speakers, Whenever you want to take your computer speakers into fresh heights in quality. These sized speakers pack a great deal of power and do require an external power amp to burst great music. The Audioengine HD3 speakers possess a retro appearance and come in cherry, black, and walnut.

"These speakers have a ton of versatility. There are inputs to support both the digital and analog sources, including a digital-to-analog converter and a USB sound input. They provide blue tooth connectivity, so on top of playing with it through your 24, you can stream music. N Customers have been exceptionally satisfied. They remember that the speakers provide away highs, mids, and bass and that the audio quality for Audioengine HD3 is second to none for monitor speakers, so every song sounds great."

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