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A5+ Wireless Speaker

Audioengine A5+ Wireless Review:

Audiostance Review

Audioengine is likely one of the leading brands when it comes to bookshelf speakers. The company manufactures some excellent products all with high-quality components delivering excellent sound quality. One such product is the Audioengine A5+ Wireless Speaker System. Easily Audioengine’s best selling speaker for PCs and home stereo systems. We had a closer look at this awesome speaker to find out if the A5+ is worth all the fuss?

A5+ Wireless Speaker

A5+ Design

Besides sound quality, Audioengine is renowned for its beautifully designed speakers. The A5+ Wireless Speaker cabinet is made from a medium-dense fiberboard providing a beautiful wood finish with durability to last for decades. You have the option of three finishes, satin black, hi-gloss white or natural bamboo. Personally, I prefer the bamboo finish but it all depends on which looks best with your setup.

The low-frequency driver is made with Kevlar offering excellent durability while adding a premium aesthetic. As with all Audioengine speakers, the silk tweeters are mounted stylishly to add to the product’s design features.

On the left primary A5+ (active) speaker is a volume control, IR receiver, and power indicator. Having the volume control on the front is a brilliant upgrade from the A2+ which was on the rear (why do manufacturers do that!)

The active speaker also houses the amplifier, power supply, and inputs for both speakers. The active speaker connects to the right passive speaker via a 12-foot 16 gauge speaker wire which Audioengine is kind enough to supply with the system.

Also included is a simple remote control which allows you to put the speakers into sleep mode, adjust volume or mute. This is especially useful if you’re installing the A5+ Wireless Speakers as stereo speakers in your preferred living space.

A5+ Inputs and Outputs

The A5+ allows for stereo RCA and ⅛-inch AUX inputs with a stereo RCA pre-output. No Bluetooth on the A5+ Speaker System but this is an easy fix with a Bluetooth receiver which you can pick up on Amazon for under $30. If you prefer your Bluetooth built-in, there is the option of the A5+ Wireless Speaker System which is essentially the same speaker but with Bluetooth (version 5) connectivity.

In addition, Audioengine has included a USB charge output so you can charge your mobile device from the back of the speaker. This is a great feature for desktop PC speakers as it means you don’t have to run your charger cable to a socket on the wall or floor. A small but appreciated convenience.

Below the audio inputs and outputs is a speaker output to the second passive A5+ speaker. All the connections are gold plated which offers a superior transfer of audio signal.

A5+ Wireless Speaker

What Does The A5+ Sound Like?

When it comes to sound, Audioengine very rarely disappoint. If you owned a pair of the A2+ Wireless Speakers and wasn’t entirely happy with the sound, then the A5+ Wireless Speakers will likely make you a lot happier. If you liked the sound of the A2+, then the A5+ Wireless Speakers are going to blow you away!

Each speaker features a 5-inch low-frequency driver with a ¾-inch tweeter. The built-in amplifier delivers an impressive 50W RMS and 75W Peak to each speaker. That’s a 150W Peak power output. These speakers are seriously loud. If you’re using these as PC speakers at desk height, be prepared from some chest-thumping bass. The low-end is chunky with excellent definition and a nice punch to make any listening experience that much more exciting.

The mid-range is forward with beautiful clarity making vocals, instruments and special effects from movies and games come alive. The highs are bright without ever sounding harsh which is always important for a near-field speaker!

If you’re looking for a versatile speaker to play music, games, watch movies, etc., the A5+ does the job with surprising ease. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a pair of bookshelf speakers under $400 which deliver such exceptional sound for a variety of applications.

Audioengine A5+ Wireless Review

A5+ Speaker Placement – Getting The Best Audio Experience

Audiophiles often harp on about speaker placement. The truth is, it does matter, especially if you’re looking for the best sound.

Wherever you mount the A5+, make sure the speakers have a rear and side clearance of 6-inches for the best bass response. If you’re mounting the speakers on your desk, try to get the tweeters up to eye level for the best clarity and sound experience. This will also have the woofers firing into your body so you can feel that bass!

For best imaging, place your A5+ around 6 feet apart with the speakers angled into your listening position. You might need to place around with this a little to find the sweet spot, but 6-foot is a good place to start. Also, ensure you are positioned in the center with the speakers equidistant apart. Use your PC monitor as a central reference point to easily measure the distance.

What’s in the Box?

  • 2 x Audioengine A5+ speakers
  • Remote control
  • 12-foot 16AWG speaker wire
  • AC cord
  • 6.5-foot RCA to RCA cable
  • 6.5-foot ⅛-inch AUX cable
  • 2 x cloth speaker bags
  • 1 x cloth cable bag

Audioengine A5+ Conclusion

If you have $400 to spend on a pair of bookshelf speakers, then the A5+ Wireless Speaker System is definitely the way to go. The speakers look incredible and the built-in amp means no extra power amplifier or cabling is necessary.

The A5+'s good looks are only second to the speaker’s incredible sound. From your favorite vinyl records to earth-shaking sound effects in action movies, everything sounds great on these amazing speakers.

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