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Happy Customers

Happy Customers

We love our job of designing high quality audio gear and feel honored when others appreciate our work. Below are some of the emails we received from you, our happy customers.

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"I just wanted to take a moment and write to let you know how much I love my A2+ speakers! They are one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. I’m using them on my desktop in a 'near field' situation. I’ve thought about purchasing the matching subwoofer, but I’m not sure I need it. I have recommended these to several friends. Thank you again for a great product (and a great value)."

-Grant L

"Congratulations on such an excellent product. I bought the PSB Alpha PS1 and was not happy but then I bought the 5+ and I was in heaven. They walk all over the PSB’s. The quality, sound and value compared to others are second to none. Thank you!!"

-Ed S

"I received my wonderful HD6 speakers last week and I’ve spent more hours critically listening so far than I have for many years. As they break in they are demonstrating wonderful warmth and transparency, plenty of drive, and a real natural soundstage. Bravo! These are giant killers! With nothing more than a Bluesound Vault 2 streamer and a Toslink cable, this is one heck of a competent modern hi-fi system."

-Paul G

"I have recently purchased a pair of A2+ powered speakers plus the S8 sub to compliment my Music Hall USB-1 turntable and oh my god it is a truly sublime system. Your products are absolutely second to none in my eyes (ears). The quality and attention to detail right down to the packaging are perfectly presented. I absolutely love this kit."

-A Bell

"I am the proud owner of a pair of Audioengine 5+. These speakers have given me many hrs of listening enjoyment. I probably listen to them more than I listen to my main rig. They sound absolutely awesome. Very clean & accurate. Nothing added nothing subtracted. Just clean clear sound…able to pick up all the subtle nuances in a recording. Count me among the devotees."


"THIS THING IS AWESOME!!!!!!! I have been using the B1 for several weeks and love it."


"I want to give honor to whom honor is due, and that honor is Audioengine. I received my package for the new Audioengine 5+ speaker set last night and hooked them into my system. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your quality service and product support to stand behind what your company represents, which is quality."

-Mel S

"Just a simple thank you for making such remarkably musical & innovative components at such accessible prices. I’ve been a life long ‘audiophile’ and live by my vinyl but really appreciate how you’ve made truly luscious digital sound available to everyone. Never thought I’d be able to listen to a computer and actually enjoy the output."

-Peter W

"Just want to let you know that after purchasing my A5+ speakers, I am really enjoying listening to my music more than ever. Great product. Thanks for great design, inside and out!"


"I purchased a pair of your tiny A2+ loudspeakers and wish to just take a moment to tell you folks how much I love them. I’ve owned several pairs of multimedia speakers over the past 15 years, none of which are in the class of these little red jewels. I don’t usually send off such letters but I am so overwhelmed with these. You folks have me seriously considering yet another “life change” in regards to how I listen to music. Thanks so much for a truly tremendous product."

-TS Davis

"I am so impressed with your product’s performance and quality I am somewhat speechless. I never post reviews much less write to a manufacturer to express my pleasure with their products. The key to your continued success is the build quality of your product. Embracing technology is not a bad thing but they forget the basics. Speaker cabinet build quality and quality crossovers/amplifiers make all the difference when it comes to sonic performance. I believe you kept the best of the past and blended it seamlessly with the present."

-J Gardner

"I just wanted to take a minute and tell you thanks for an incredible experience! We have been enjoying our D1 DAC, A5+ speakers with stands and S8 sub for a couple of weeks now. My wife and I are still amazed at the incredible quality of everything from the listening experience to the product quality and the great customer support we have received. Just thought you should know how much we love our new sound system!"

-M & K

"I just purchased the B2. When I saw you had created a new speaker that used Bluetooth, I was skeptical. I have used AirPlay for years and never having used a Bluetooth speaker, wasn’t sure it would compare to AirPlay. I want to say thank you because after a week with the B2 I am blown away. The Bluetooth connection is leaps and bounds better in every way than my AirPlay setup! It stays connected, never skips, and has a crazy range. I am in love."

-Matt C

"The speakers totally exceeded my expectations … they add no coloration to the sound …everything is crisp and clear!"


"Just purchased a D1 for my MacBook and it is very, very good. Congratulations. It is in competition with all my snooty audiophile DAC’s and holding its own. And, hey this D1 drives my HD650 ‘phones quite well. Not as well as my tube headphone amplifier but at the cost of one of the tubes on this amplifier. Bravo."


"In a word “Bravo!” I have been using a Bose System 3 (more costly), but the A2+ speakers I just received from your company are much, much better than the Bose. Your little speakers are amazing -musical, excellent clarity and definition (even played loud), wide soundstage; overall, they are just terrific! I am extremely pleased and will recommend Audioengine as the “go to for speakers” to all of my friends, family, acquaintances and neighbors."

-Jonathan M

"If it’s junk I would call it junk. NOT the case here! The D3 was plugged in to an iMac and output to Grado 325 and Sennheiser HD580 headphones. Right out of the box it sounded great, dead quite and simply doing what it should. Another quality product from Audioengine."


"I have a pair of Audioengine 5+ speakers connected to my TV. I love them! They fill my room and have a delicious, warm, deep, quality that I have been unable to duplicate in any other AV system. I have experimented with 5.1 setups from Energy and Andrew Jones and in both setups I found the sound “annoying & fatiguing”. I was not getting the rich satisfying sound I am accustomed to from the A5. Thanks."


"I just want to let you know how impressed I am with the A5+ speakers I just purchased a couple of weeks ago. I use them in my office with an iFi Nano IDSD DAC, iFi USB Power Supply and JRiver Media server playing hi-rez files from my NAS drive. On DSD files, in particular, these things sparkle! I’m really blown away by the overall musicality and depth of the A5+ speakers. Separation is great, bass is fantastic for such a small speaker and the Bamboo cabinets are really nice. You have a real winner on your hands with these speakers."

-C Cumo

"I’ve used several bookshelf speakers but nothing else comes close to the Audioengine 5+, the natural sounding bass & ultra clear midrange perfectly suits my audio listening standards, either listening to FLACs and watching movies. Very much impressed with the minimalist and high-quality build of these gems! More power Audioengine! It would make me really happy if you post this on the website.:)"

-Fritz V

"Hi, finally I have my B1 hooked up. I wish to express my amazement and pleasure in what you have produced. I put on London Grammer via blue tooth. Wow. The presentation is so much more dynamic. I am very impressed and happy with your B1. Thank You."

-Gerry M

"Just a note to let y’all how FINE your B 1 bluetooth receiver is…..what a difference it makes in my system…….will be back to purchase speakers for my computer shortly…."


"I just recently purchased a pair of Audioengine 2+ speakers and stands to use as desktop speakers/monitors and I’m so impressed with the sound I have to write to tell you. The soundstage is amazing the highs sublime and the tightness of the mids and bass is exactly what I want to hear. Amazing product, build quality and sound quality. Thanks for caring about your products.

-Charlie R

"Hello there!I recently purchased your A2+ desktop speakers and stands. First off, I just wanted to say that these things are absolutely awesome! I was completely on the fence about spending $250 for a pair of speakers and now I can’t believe I didn’t have to spend more…"


"Some time ago I bought a pair of Audioengine 2+ speakers. It’s long overdue, but I just wanted to say that the enthusiastic responses seen on your website and elsewhere on the web are on the money. They give my B&W’s strong competition in fact I prefer the Audioengines."


"As I write I am listening to my all-time album (if I had to pick one) Bob Marley’s Positive Vibration and I’m still hearing new things thanks to your excellent product. The imaging and ability to project all features in the sound field really compel me to listen with open ears a good feeling. The DAC and the whole package just beautiful well worth the money and then some thank you –"

-Brian L

"My A5+’s are now nicely broken in and I’m feeding them via a Music Hall CD player with a secondary integrated USB DAC that is connected to my HP Stream 11 laptop. Crank up the volume a little and these really rock. I am more than pleased. Thanks again for putting out such great products!

-Bob R

"I just want to say thank you so so much for the quality and care of the speakers that I have gotten. I started with a pair of A2+s a year ago, and they are phenomenal. I recently purchased the A5+ speakers as well along with the B1 Bluetooth DAC. It works so incredibly well that I often cannot believe I only spent as much as I did rather than spending thousands on a McIntosh system. Honestly, thank you all so much for the care and quality that you put into these speakers. I could not ask for better."

-Austin B

"I recently bought a pair of A5+ speakers, which I really love. They sound infinitely better than my Boomer era KLH speakers. Now I actually LISTEN to music."


"Just wanted to say I recently purchased a pair of your 5+ speakers and a D1 DAC for my desktop computer sound system to replace a Klipsch 3 piece system that I had to put out to pasture (the dumpster). What a difference a real speaker system makes, the imaging is crazy and the soundstage they project actually fills the space between them on my desk. Thank You for making a great product at an amazing price."


"Got my A2+ yesterday and am impressed! For such small speakers their clarity is rich and full of quality!"


"Received my B2 today and I love it! Fantastic sound and the build quality is out of this world. Well done!"


"Hi, I recently purchased a D3 from you and wanted to say how much I’m enjoying it! Great product! FYI, I purchased a LH Labs Geek Out 720 DAC earlier this year and while it sounds great, it’s somewhat inflexible and a pain to use compared to the D3. I wish I would have just bought the D3. Thanks again!"

-John D

"Hello, just got the A2+ and gotta say these are some kick ass little speakers. I have them hooked up to a professional audio interface that happens to have a 2.25V unbalanced fixed-level output and the A2’s take it with pride."

-Austin L

"Just wanted to say thank you and that I love my speakers so much. I made the purchase last spring and am very glad I did. They are such an important component to my day and make me very happy. ?"

-Rigo P

I’m just writing to tell you that y’all rock!! I purchased my third Audioengine product last week (B1 Bluetooth receiver) and it was delivered today…"

-Josh D

"…before the FedEx man can circle the block to leave the neighborhood, I’m in my living room phone in hand throwing my bows up. Only to look over to see my dog bobbing his head to the beat, but I’m not surprised. I always knew he was an OG gangsta. So basically thank you for your clean simple to use products I enjoy them daily."

-Sean S

"No support needed, but just letting you know that the D2 has transformed my listening experience of computer based music. What amazes me is how good low quality compressed files seem to sound, and also directly streamed music on Spotify!"


"I do want to say that I am grateful, daily, for the quality of the product your company offers. There aren’t many material objects that I’m attached to, but these speakers are definitely one of them."

-Matt H

"May I take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks for the quality and sound reproduction of the products that I have purchased. I have connected your A5+ speakers up to my new iMac wirelessly using your D2 DAC! The sound is just amazing! Thank you. You can’t get any better than this for the money I paid! Amazing sonic experiences!"


"Quick note to say I am thoroughly enjoying my A2s. All the usual kudos apply–exceptional imaging and depth, tight bass, really nice reproduction of acoustic instruments. I have also found that they sound good even at low volume. Congratulations on a fine product. It’s obvious that the engineers are running the place, refining the designs and buying quality components. Keep up the good work."

-Larry C

"Superb. Kudos for a seriously incredible product. Getting these A5+’s is a monumental upgrade for me and I can’t imagine how much better the entire setup will be now that I know I can use the D1 in conjunction!I’m telling all my friends about you."


"I just wanted to say thank you for your amazing Audioengine A5+ speakers, the S8 subwoofer and 24-bit DAC. I have been recommending these speakers to my friends ever since I got them. I used to have a pair of Klipsch’s which were great but going from them to these is just a complete game changer. Once again, thank you…."

-A Happy Customer

"I received my Audioengine D1 and all I can say is, wow, this thing is great!!! I bought it to replace an Asus Essence STX sound card in my computer and while the STX is a great card, the D1 blows it out of the water!! The sound is warmer, clearer, and the soundstage is wider. Separation is much, much better. I just wanted to thank you for making such a great product. As a bonus, it nicely compliments my A5’s 😉 The only downside is that I feel like I need to re-listen to my entire music collection, to see what I have been missing. Damn ?"


"I am not an audio-phile-snob. Lately I have become a hundredaire and blew $169 on your Audioengine D1. Now I get it. I think you got it too. I think you guys nailed it sounds are sound-stagey; vocals are breathy. Stuff hangs in the air longer."

-Paul R

"The speakers are great. In fact, I’ve bought three sets of A2’s for friends and now A5+’s for my A/V system and iTunes via Airport Express. I’m a veteran audiophile with a $14,000 pair of speakers in my living room and custom made tube amps. I’m truly impressed with what Audioengine has produced at both price points/market segments. The A5+ are a nicely balanced speaker with surprising range, dynamics, resolution, and build quality that add up to an enjoyable and authentic musical experience."


"Received my DAC today to compliment the A5+ speakers. Listening to AIFF ripped from my CD in iTunes. Excuse my language, but YIKES, WOW, OMG, cut the sh*t. THANKS Audioengine."


"I own your A2 speakers and have recommended them to various family members… two bought your A2’s and one got your A5. Everyone loves them… Nothing I can think of can touch either in their respective price points sonically, these speakers just sound right, especially for the stuff coming of an MP3 player, or off the computer."

-Bill Q

"I have been enjoying your gear for about a year now. I have your A5+ Powered Speakers, S8 Powered Subwoofer and D1 24-Bit DAC. I am running it off an iMac playing music downloaded from iTunes and the sound quality is superb. I thought, “Wow, if a thousand dollars sounds this great what would several thousand dollars sound like?” So I went to a very high end audio boutique and asked to hear the very best gear they had. I was taken into a tuned room with a plush leather chair. Two guards. The host plugged in my iPod with the same music I enjoy at home. It sounded great. As I left the studio, I asked how much that system cost. I was told around $50,000. Yours sounds better. Crisper, cleaner, tighter. Thank you."

-Tim P

"Just got the D1 and it’s one of the 5 best buys I’ve had in over 60 years of audio improvements to many systems. Great product. WOW!"


"Just a quick note to say that I truly love your product. I have a set of Audioengine A5+ and I have persuaded 3 of my friends to buy them because I think so highly of them."


"I don’t usually bother to give feedback, but these A2+ speakers are the best small form factor speakers I have ever heard. The bass is clean and decisive and can pick out subtleties in the music that you only hear on much higher end systems. Good with all types of music. It’s clear you folks have tried hard to deliver genuine high quality audio products at affordable prices."


"I found out about Audioengine though CNET. Was looking for some better audio speakers, but don’t have an amp and didn’t really want to have to get one. I can say the reviews were accurate, they are AMAZING!! Setup was simple, and they look great up on my shelf. Overall, great product guys!! Keep up the good work."


"Thank you! I have a nice system that comes in at a bit less than $10K. It has been a quest of mine for years to find a budget system that I would be willing to listen to. Until recently, that came in at about $2K. But now things have changed with your A5+ speakers. At over 100 hours and no longer counting, these speakers are great! This is incredible. Audio Nirvana for $399?"

-Jim C

"Just wanted to let you know that I really love the D1 and think it is a great value. At first I thought the sound sucked however, as it burned in it now sounds much better. Took about 8 hours to become tolerable. Now at 20 hours I am VERY satisfied. The D1 is connected to a Decware Zen tube preamp which drives a McCormack DNA-0.5 driving a pair of Bang & Olufsen Beovox Penta. Thank you a great product at a very affordable price."


"I’m coming up on the one-year anniversary of my purchase of the A2+ and I would like to share my impressions. Quite simply, I am astounded by them every day. These sit on my desk where I listen to them six to ten or more hours a day, and they never, ever produce listener fatigue, yet the imaging, dynamics, and just plain musicality are spellbinding. I love sitting friends and family down in front of them and then watching their jaws drop in astonishment (or they laugh out loud at the absurdity of such glorious sound coming from such small enclosures) as they ask where they can buy some. Anyway, keep up the good work, excellent customer service, and innovation, and I will continue to be a walking Audioengine advertisement."

-Brad P

"Just bought a pair of A2+ (already have the 5’s which I love to bits). Was reluctant to buy simply because I couldn’t quite believe the hype and price tag. However, I am completely blown away and feel compelled to write. The way they engage me is amazing and they have me digging out album after album to test them out. That’s always a good sign of great hi-fi :-)Well done guys!!! And thank you"

-David H

"I don’t have a support request, but rather just wanted to say how utterly happy I am with my A2+ speakers. You have put an end to my constant search for truly good computer speakers. I live in an apartment and was surprised that the speaker solution I imagined in my head actually exists: Audioengine 2+. They are perfect and exceed my expectations given the size of the speakers. They sound amazing and I think it was worth every penny. I also appreciate the attention to detail with the packaging. The drawstring bags are such a cool addition to the user experience from the moment you open the box. Basically, all I wanted to say was amazing work. I love these speakers."


"I just want to state that we’re thankful for the quality of workmanship with the products I have recently purchased from Audioengine. I purchased the P4 passive speakers to go with my computer setup. I enjoy them so much and my wife seeing how much I enjoyed them purchased the S8 sub for me recently. I must say again the quality and build were excellent and rounded out everything. You have thought of so much when you designed your products and at the level of performance and quality at a fair price is outstanding! This is even down to the packing and shipping. I called up when I received the S8 for advice and was assisted in a refreshing friendly professional manner. Feel free to post this as my review as I would recommend your products to anyone and have. Maintain the excellence!!!"

-Melissa and Chuck

"I just thought I’d take a minute to tell you about my experience with my A2’s. I purchased these speakers 2 years ago and they have provided me with nothing but exceptional sound. I love the quality and they’ve definitely stood the test of time. Whenever I get new music or listen to old music again, I’m constantly reminded of the clarity of these speakers. I love what you guys do as a company and the quality of the product you produce is on an astronomical level. Keep up the great work, and amazing sound!"

-Brad F

"You have changed my whole music life! Thanks!!!"


"Just want to let you know I LOVE my new Audioengine 5+ Bamboo speakers with my new D1 DAC set up on on my new top of the line Mac! The sound is just SOOOOO SWEEET. I’ve rediscovered my music. Awesome quality product.Perfect packaging.Sweet customer service. The whole package. You Rock. THANK YOU"

-Charles D

"I am the proud owner of an Audioengine D1 and I just wanted to drop a line to say thank you for a great product. This little thing is phenomenal. The sound quality still impresses me every day. It never has issues and just works perfectly. Thank you for turning me into a sound snob. Your fantastic product has soured me to just about every other piece of audio gear I own. Keep up the great work!"

-Jason M

"Holy god these things sounds good.Keep letting your engineers do whatever the heck it is they’re doing! ?"


"I just received my A2+’s today and simply put, I am astounded at how good they are. They are definitely going to make working late in front of the computer much more enjoyable and are infinitely better than my previous computer setup. My only regret is not purchasing a set sooner! I will be recommending these to everyone I can. Thanks a lot!"

-James B

"Wanted to wait ’til I had a chance to listen to the A2+ before I responded. I heard about Audioengine from Cnet, Amazon, and Crutchfield. These speakers are amazing and I concur with all the comments about them. The sound is clear and there is plenty of bass. What a great sound in such a small box."


"I feel like I owe you guys some more money. You’ve certainly found a customer for life. If anyone I know needs anything you guys make, you just moved to the top of the list. Thanks again for taking such pride in your work and not charging an arm and a leg for it. America needs more companies willing to put this much of a commitment into excellence."

-Benjamin RH

"Just a quick note regarding the D3 24-bit DAC. I picked mine up about 3 weeks back and I had no idea what these things were all about. Now after listening for a few days I have to say HOLY CRAP! What you guys have done is just amazing."


"I just got my A2+ speakers.Wow, just wow. Good job!"

-Hal from Nashville

"Just wanted to let you know that I ordered a D3 today. Super impressed with my A5+ speakers (beautiful in bamboo and a great solution for a small NY apartment; I have some nice things in my apartment, but the speakers are what my girlfriend said she wants if I die… ).Looking forward to trying them with a DAC."


"I’ve had your A2+ speakers for a month now and have listened to all types of music at all different levels. I am very pleased with my purchase. The speakers are not too big to be intrusive or cumbersome and despite their small size have big sound. The sound is crisp and clean with enough bass to give the music the power it deserves.From Frank to Lou Rawls to Kate Rusby to Emmylou to Lila Downs the vocals are crystal clear.If there is a far better-sounding speaker for desktop or general use in a package of similar size to the A2+ I can’t imagine who makes it.Nice work Audioengine. Keep up the good work."

-Jeff T

"A few weeks back my 27 year old son sat me down in front of a pair of your A5+ speakers and blew my 61 year old mind.These speakers are devilish!I need help.You people are sort of like drug dealers selling audio nirvana at prices old farts like me don’t understand. These speakers should cost more!!!I’m not sure if this is a compliment or an insult, it doesn’t matter."

-Dean S

"I purchased a pair of your A5+ about a year ago.These speakers are overachievers and never stop amazing me with their sonic faithfulness.Listening to HD FLAC recordings are amazing!Thanks for truly a great product!"


"I have never had a more positive experience with a product in my life.Not only have my A5’s been used every day since I’ve owned them but they have also been the talk of my fraternity.I have even convinced lots of its members to buy them and they couldn’t be happier.Keep up the great work!"


"This is my second pair of A5+ speakers.The first was for my son.Now it’s my turn!I realize that this isn’t news to you, but Audioengine makes fantastic speakers (and other things as well -like my recently-acquired DAC).Kudos for doing what no one else seems to have been able to figure out by making high quality, cost-effective audio products that allow consumers to get the most from iTunes, Apple TV, and other digital/computer music sources."


"I’ve been listening for the past half hour and I’m so impressed I had to send a quick note.I bought the A2+ system and I’m thrilled the build quality is outstanding and the sound trumps everything I’ve heard from Bose or Klipsch and rivals the B&W MM-1.Awesome work & many thanks."


"I received a pair of A2s for Christmas after auditioning almost all other computer speakers.All I can say is WOW!I love them.The best I’ve heard even compared to speakers twice the price."

-Andy M.

"I just bought a D1 to connect to my MacBook Air. WOW!! What a difference it makes. I have 2 sets of descent headphones, the Bowers & Wilkins P5’s and Beats by Dr Dre Solo HD’s and I thought the sound was good before adding the D1. I’m literally blown away!! The bass is deeper and tighter, the highs are crisper, just amazing clean sound."


"I am just writing to say that I am so appreciative of the quality of my speakers and the customer support of your company.I will continue to purchase your products in the future and will continue to recommend your company to others."

-Mark G

"Wow.Just unpacked them and am listening in my office.Happy, happy, joy, joy."


"Holy sh*t. Just installed my new N22 and the smile on my face!How do you guys design such awesome stuff with just one perfect knob!!!!This will save my marriage. Thank you!!!!!!!!"


"Keep up the good work guys, I love wowing my friends with the sound that comes out of those speakers and I cannot wait to hear what this DAC does for them."


"I bought a pair of A2s recently. I expected them to be really good, but was blown away by them! The clarity, accuracy, & sound stage is remarkable. I then purchased the D1 DAC & WOW, again!You guys had a great idea & executed everything else brilliantly!Damn you guys!Great Job!"

-Dale B

"Got the DAC!And I just have to say it sounds FANTASTIC!THANK YOU!"


"The D1 is the official winner for my needs as it’s more enjoyable to listen to for extended periods of time.Sending back the HRT Music Streamer II today."


"I’ve tried everything but your Audioengine speakers, simply plugged in to the headphone jack of my TV, deliver better sound than anything I’ve heard.You call these computer speakers, but they fill our large room with amazing, full sound.Now I’m getting your S8 subwoofer.Thanks for an outstanding product."


"I hooked up my A5’s and can’t believe the sound!!!!!!My friend who has a high end ($100K) Krell system could not believe the sound these speakers produce. Great job! You guys should be proud."

-Joseph M

"Hi…just connected my Audioengine 2+ speakers to my HP 27″ all-in-one….replaced my Bose computer speakers….absolutely fabulous!!What a difference."


"I can’t believe the quality of sound reproduced by your products!I’ve always been a home theater kind of guy, but when you can get 80% of the sound with 10% of the real estate and maybe 20% cost of a full set-up, this really has me re-thinking audio.I’ve recommended your products and anyone who listens to the speakers is totally blown away!Thank you for your great line!"


"Dear Wonderful Audio Company,
I bought a pair of A2+, DS1 stands, and the D1 DAC from Best Buy online and listen to Pandora One (higher resolution) eight hours a day or more.The whole system possesses magic, especially considering the price and size.I rave about the system to my friends, and some will become customers soon."

-Brad P

"Thanks again for your help yesterday.I just ordered 4 pair of the P4s and an S8 for the house we are building.I really appreciate the QUALITY of the products you all deliver, but also the QUALITY of the pre-sales service you all provide.You have a big fan here and this is not the last you have heard from me…"

-David S

"I purchased your A5+ bamboo speakers from Crutchfield and have had them now for about 2 weeks.In a word, these speakers are the ABSOLUTE BEST I have ever listened to!Thank you for a bit of life enhancement!"


"I just bought the Audioengine D1.I use AKG K271 headphones on my computer and after hooking up the DAC I was blown away.The music came to life, tighter bass crisper highs and awesome mid-range. The D1 is an awesome product, thanks so very much for making it."


"Hey can you hear me screaming!!!!I am OVERJOYED, no wires and not confined to my office anymore!!!!YOUR PRODUCT WORKS!It brought my music trapped in my headphones into my living room!You are Rock Stars!Thank you-thank youthank you-"

-Evelyn K

"I’ve had the pleasure of using the A2 powered speakers since the first of the year. They are so remarkably satisfying that most of the time I don’t bother to route my online music listening to my main stereo system (a pretty nice all tube setup).I am struck with how good they sound each time I listen.Just wish I had bought the A5+!!"

-Henry Y

"I must say I am blown away by the performance of these speakers! Paired with a good DAC, they sound divine."


"I bought a pair of A5+ yesterday and they are significantly better side-by-side than a Zeppelin Air."


"I am going to keep it simple; to say I am pleased with this purchase would be an understatement. Please don’t start cutting corners. Your product has the potential to shame the entire audio industry into more responsible and forthright behavior. Cheers."


"Holy crap! I am a self-proclaimed golden-eared audiophile snob. I listen to ridiculously expensive speakers powered by obscene amplifiers and have for years. The level of performance you have delivered with your products is astounding for the money. You people rock. Thank you."


"The A2s we use for my wife’s computer are a small miracle and have wonderful tone.I actually prefer their tone to the sound of my own Focal XS2.1 system which is much more expensive."


"Great sound from what appear to be exceptionally well designed and manufactured product. Shipping in cloth bags also a nice touch !!"


"Your company not only makes high-quality products, but also provides first-class customer service and for that, I thank you."


"Just a short thank you for producing a remarkable product at an insanely low price. I’ve paid more for interconnects than these gorgeous little A2s."


"You are the Apple of consumer speaker products ?"


"I have a set of black A2s and am loving them – they replaced a set of M-Audio AV20s and blew them away! I currently have them connected to my PC via a Puresonic 5050a interconnect and the right hand passive speaker connected via CableTalk 3.1 speaker cable."


"Fantastic sound from such small units. I listen to classical music all day in an office environment played through a PC with a high quality sound card. Former professional musician. Sound is pure and clean with excellent presence and no distortion."


"After listening for 3 days I decided to throw the A2’s back onto my desk and was stunned to find they significantly outperformed my Genelecs in virtually every way except for ability to play at stupid loud levels."


"I own the A5’s, which compare to such great speakers as my Thiel 2.4s, I could happily live exclusively with the A5s and not feel I was missing out. You guys have done some fabulous work with your speaker line."

-Gerry G

"When I purchased your product, they were meant to serve as computer speakers for MP3s but as soon as I got them I realized they were far too good for that menial task. So I then purchased a high end sound card for my computer, ripped my CDs in a lossless format, and began to enjoy music again.Thanks for that.I recommend your speakers every chance I get."


"I’m on my second day of maximizing my absolute delight with the Audioengine 5!"


"For the A2 cost, they are a steal!Instead of just getting a small pair of video monitors that I didn’t expect much of, I found myself playing various reference disks and being enthralled with their performance right out of the box.They sound even better after breaking in!"


"Once I had received my A5’s I realized that I simply had never heard music through quality speakers before.For the first time, I found myself simply sitting in the middle of my home office simply listening to music and hearing details that I had not known were present in the music I had owned for years."


"The sheer accuracy of this system is just amazing considering the size. The huge system in the living room seems almost silly at this point."


"Wow! Absolutely amazing that such a small package could produce such wonderful music. Finally a product that does what it supposed to do. Well done!"


"I just bought a pair of A2s.Not only do they sound great, but the packaging was amazing! This level of detail shows me that you guys really care about your product and how its presented to the customer."


"I love these little speakers!Great pace, clear and just enough bass so you can tell someone is playing a double bass in a jazz combo. How do you do this for $200?"


"I LOVE the mids, and highs of the A2s. I had almost forgotten what music sounds like coming out of a proper speaker!!!!!"


"The more I use my A2 speakers, the more I want to bring them with me everywhere."


"I’m writing to say thank you for the wonderful W1 wireless audio adapter. Thank you for a simple and simply wonderful way of making my music accessible in ways I didn’t previously think possible."


"The A5+ delivers!The sound is well balanced and for the size, the bass is amazing.Clean and controlled throughout their frequency range.The dynamics are much better than I expected, must be all the amplifier headroom!"


"I went through a stage a couple of years ago when I spent a fortune on various active speakers, most of which seemed to sell on their looks and exaggerated performance. Then I came across your Audioengine 5’s and they are the best pair of speakers I bought so far. They really do sound fantastic."


"The price appears high at first glance when compared to other (big box retailer) speaker systems, but the quality is there along with the performance to more than justify it."


"All I can say is WOW.The months of research for big sound that passes the wife test paid off in spades."


"I’m a bit of an audiophile but on a budget, so the A2’s were priced perfect for me.Thanks for making such an incredibly sounding computer speaker!"


"I just purchased a set of Sennheiser HD800’s and am returning them today.After listening to your speakers, headphones don’t cut the mustard."


"I’ve listened to speakers from many manufacturers and the A5’s are simply the best. I still may part with the cash and buy your sub-woofer."


"These A2 speakers are wonderful. They are finished to a very high quality which makes a huge difference these days. Having the 2 separate inputs without an input selector switch is a touch of genius to make these stand out from everything else."


"I just received and set up your A5 speakers. I wasn’t prepared for the sound. Wow!!! I have never heard anything like this run through a computer."


"A “5 Star” rating doesn’t do justice to these speakers (maybe 6 stars). I also have a Bose Companion 5 system that I’ve been listening to on a 30 day trial basis. Bose is on it’s way back to the store tomorrow, their system isn’t even a close second."

-Jerry N

"Thank you so very much. It’ rare to get more than your money’s worth in anything anymore, the A5+ speakers are definitely worth more than $399."


"After ordering these speakers last week, I received them they are fantastic! Everything is perfect on them, from the size (not too large), quality of the connectors, quality of the housing to the best part, the crystal clear sound."


"Just treated myself to a 2nd pair of A5’s (bamboo this time)…incredible just incredible."


"I have only one thing to say. YES!Well worth the greenbacks. PS As you probably have guessed, I really don’t need any support.Too busy smiling."

-John D

"I’m one of your new customers, and also a fan, having just purchased A2’s and A5’s.Having been an audiophile for many years, it’s been easy for me to see the value in your product -they really sound terrific."


"I’ve NEVER commented on a product before but I simply had to write you folks.I just received my new Audioengine 2 speakers and cannot believe the sound quality coming from these tiny boxes."


"Thank you for an exceptional product! The sound is genuinely phenomenal. The attention to detail (product quality, packaging, literature & Website) is superb."


"These are stunning little speakers. They easily produce a sound that I’d expect a speaker 3x it’s size to make. The soundstage and clarity is just fantastic!"


"I’m one of your new customers with a pair of A2’s.First of all, let me just they are fantastic!As an audiophile, I’m pretty critical.That praise may sound faintuntil you realize I’m giving an honest critique based on years of comparative experience with multi-thousand dollar reference monitors."

-Silas F

"Just wanted to let you know I’m very pleased with every aspect of this order.The customer service was great, the delivery was quick, the product looks and sounds great!"


"I just wanted to say how great I find your products to be.The A2’s on my computer make listening to music there ennoyable and I’m *used to* good sound reproduction (from my big system of Magneplanar speakers with Classe amplification)."


"Been using W1 for a while, and all I can say is that it has far surpassed my expectations for what a wireless audio system can do.I just ordered a second one, though i’m not even sure what i’ll use it for it’s just *that* good that I’m certain I’ll find a way to expand my musical listening enjoyment with it."


"After researching a bit, I decided the A2’s looked like the best speakers for the price on the market. After receiving them and listening to them for a week, I have not a single doubt. These are my favorite speakers I’ve ever owned. Keep up the good work!"


"The “best” speakers I’ve ever owned were the Bose Companion 2s that I just replaced with your A2s.After listening to them for ten seconds I looked up, smiled, and said aloud: “Now that’s how music is supposed to sound!”."


"Your speakers are mind blowing… thank you guys… great amazing work…."


"My A5′ s are hooked up to my living room computer and they are great for filling that medium size room. I know that you guys have gotten all sorts of good press, but from an everyday consumer: thanks and rock on."


"I bought a pair of A5+ in Bamboo from you guys at Axpona in Atlanta and I love them!I own Linn Tukans that are actively bi-amped by Linn LK100 power amps and the Audioengine 5+ speakers rival that sound."


"Apparently it’s not too much to ask for a pair of speakers that just look like speakers, not tentacles, odd orbs, or other ghastly ‘designer’ products. They’re minimalist, using nice materials there’s nothing excessive about them. You guys just get it. Even the packaging, with the cloth pouches, made me smile. There’s obviously a lot of thought and care that went into everything."


"It’s me again….I got so wrapped up complimenting you on the aesthetics, so I’ll keep it short and sweet for the most important bit they sound better than anything else out there in the same product class. You guys win. There’s nothing else to say."


"Am writing this email as an appreciation to the wonderful product you have made in your A2 speakers. I am absolutely going Gaga about them and love them to core. Of course, I am hardly an expert in sound and given the wonderful reviews you already have, my email is just a drop in the ocean but still I had to do my bit to laud your efforts for delivering world class speakers."


"Tuesday night, after they arrived, we sat in our living room for 4 hours listening to music and saying back and forth to each other, “I can’t believe how good these speakers sound!” Sincerely, your newest Audioengine fan…"


"I just bought your W1 Premium Wireless Audio adapter. Your device Blows me away. I am going to buy for all my friends and give the device to them also. This product is so Cool! WOW! I love this thing."

-Don S

"Thanks again for the great product….wish I was there to take your group to lunch."


"I recently purchased a set of A5+ speakers. They are incredible and I am very happy with them! From Reggae to Grunge they provide amazing quality sound.I just bought an apple airport express and could not be happier with my set up :)I just wanted to shoot you guys an email to say thanks!"


"Just received my A2s today and let me just say WOW totally satisfied so far….the build and sound was everything you and all of the online/magazine reviewers said. Very happy with my purchase!!!! Thanks guys for quick order processing and customer service, top notch guys!"


"Have just installed your A2 speakers alongside my iMac (fed via a Firestone DAC) and they are fantastic they are giving my main music system a run for its money!"


"I have the A2 speakers, and what superb quality they are. Forget B&W, etc, these are the perfect price and outperform anything I have heard for the price."


"Just wanted to tell you I am totally impressed with these speakers.I just built a new computer and connected these A5’s to a Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium HD sound card….wow!!Lots of fun."


"This is the second pair of these amazing speakers that I’ve bought in the past 2 weeks. My son came into town from LA, heard the speakers and was as amazed as me. I’m buying this second pair as a gift for him. He intends to use them to mix tracks recorded with Logic on his iMac."

-Nick C

"I have a pair of the A2 speakers and holy crap, they are incredible. Best sounding speakers of any size I have ever heard. Really unbelievable."


"Thank you very much for these speakers, I never knew music could sound this good."


"I sincerely hope this message can get to those that have made a difference. I just picked up my new A5’s. I have been listening non-stop for four hours of my favourite tunage and they are a sheer pleasure. They are providers of ear candy bliss."


"I simply do not have the time to get into audiophile techno talk but I do know what sounds good and can perceive the depth and quality of these speakers without a doubt. This means I can sit back and enjoy my music soooooo much more."


"I recvd. my A2 speakers today!Wow……..whatta punch……..I love them, they made my weekend!!!!!!!!!!I have downsized & gone lean & mean & very zen my sound system now comprises of A2 speakers, an iPod, & Sony Vaio laptop."


"I would just like to thank all of you for developing such amazing audio products. I use Pandora and Rhapsody on my PC and your A5 and W1 have made the music come alive, filling my small condo with great sound tight clean bass, no overly sharp highs, perfect mid range just great non-fatiguing sound, from low volume to loud."


"In less than five minutes I had opened the package, connected the W1 devices and am now listening to my FLAC library wirelessly via my SqueezeBox Touch. You are to be commended for your quality products and service.It sets a new best of breed for me."


"I just wanted to send my kudos and thanks for my A5’s and S8.These speakers now join my Grado headphones as the best pieces of audio equipment I have ever owned!!!!"


"The A5 is just right. I plugged in an Airport Express, turned on the speakers and enjoyed my music immediately. Within 10 minutes I ordered another pair for my family room."


"I was prepared to spend 4 or 5 times what I have spent for your products, but the great reviews forced me to give you a shot and I cannot be more pleased. I don’t know how you did it, but keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


"I’ve been a high stereo buff for most of my life.I’m not quite sure how you guys pulled this off, but for what you charge, these speakers are astounding.And then you go ahead and add a second audio in for another device.That is just so freaking smart."


"It is companies like Audioengine that make me smile. And that makes Audioengine a very special company in my book!"


"I know two people that have the Bose Wave Radio/CD player thats cost three time as much, and these A2’s sound just as good, if not better than the Bose at a fraction of the cost and you can post that on your website! Keep up the good work."


"I know this is probably getting old but I want to share my enthusiasm for your speakers. Being a proud owner of Sonus Faber Grand Piano Home speakers I must say I love your drivers choice crisp, clean, fast sounding without being overly analytical or unmusical. Kudos!"


"I was never able to enjoy computer sound before but now I can. So much so that I now use Amarra software and Apogee One DAC with the A5+.In a sea of over-hyped and overpriced mediocrity you have produced a fine product at an honest price and you deserve all the compliments for that."


"I initially purchased A2’s and was so impressed that I passed these along to my daughter and purchased the A5+. They have totally changed my view of the credibility of active loudspeakers."


"I hooked up the W1 last week and it works as advertised.I have over $40,000 invested in my stereo/HT setup and this is the first product my wife was equally excited as the W1 allowed us to get rid of the 15 meter subwoofer cable that had graced my living room floor for years. The W1 is an extremely useful and user-friendly product that I would not hesitate to recommend to others."


"I bought the A5+ powered desktop speakers about a month ago and they are amazing.So now I’ve ordered the P4 passive bookshelf speakers for my living room.They’ll be powered by an Arcam Solo integrated amp/receiver.Can’t wait to hear them!"


"I am very glad to report that the A5 are really fantastic sounding. These speakers can hold their own compared to my other speakers such as Rogers LS3/5a and Von Schweikert VR1 driven by all tube electronics. Bottom line……I am a very satisfied customer."


"I received my speakers earlier this week (shipped locally from Wilmington, how cool is that!) and have to say they are amazing!I just wanted to say thank you for engineering such a fantastic product, it’s unfortunately very rare these days.I will certainly be recommending you to my friends and colleagues."


"Crystal clear audio.Plenty of power.I am hearing things in songs I know by heart that I never heard before. That’s fun!"


"I just ordered a second pair of A2’s. Great product! I am amazed at the transparency, soundstaging and more importantly their organic “rightness”."


"I just, yesterday, received and installed my new A2 speakers. Just had to tell you… I can’ believe what an incredible set of speakers they are. Anyhow, thanks so much for producing fine, but affordable, sound for those of us for whom music is life’s passion but budget is life’s reality."


"I’ve just hooked up my A2s and the sound is incredible! Working from home just got even better. I’m glad I did some research before just going to Best Buy and getting whatever. Sound quality reminds me of B&W!"

-Joe T

"Just going thru old receipts and I happened upon a receipt for my A2s.They turn 1 yr old today.Just thought I would write and tell you how phenomenal these things are and that I think I have gotten 4 other people to buy a set.Can’t say enough good about them!"


"Just letting you know that my W1 hook-up was a breeze. I plugged the sender into my Samsung 7000 TV then hooked the W1 receiver to my stereo across the room and it works fine. Watched a movie last night and it sounded awesome. Great product very pleased. Thanks"


"Just received my A2 speakers. I’m very impressed with the product and packaging. Top notch. Head and shoulders above typical computer speakers. Thanks again for a great design and product!"


"I’ve never heard a speaker sound better in my house. I feel like they’re tiny little concert speakers. All my music has this right next to you sound I’ve come to associate my speakers with that I cannot hear elsewhere. I love em and eventually will be buying more pairs to create a 5.1 system."


"The set is amazing, the sound is incredible and it is a pleasure to the listen to the angelic like sound that they deliver. I wanted to thank you again for all your help. Best speakers I have ever owned. Keep up the good work."


"As a person who has worked with the public I can attest to the fact that it can be a difficult job, and when I run into an individual who was extremely attentive and patient, I don’t mind going out of my way to bring attention to it. As I sit enjoying my new A2’s and write this e-mail, I have Marshall to thank."


"Just a quick note to say how totally pleased I am with my A5 purchase some 6 months ago. There is no TV in my house, so the music is everything…and the A5’s do such a remarkable job. I am simply amazed at the price/performance ratio, so keep up the fantastic work!!"


"I just wanted to inform you guys that I received my A2s. Anyone can make big speakers but it takes true engineers to get the most out of such a small size. Bose Companion 2 were ok but didn’t have as much deep bass extension as A2s. I like small. Great stuff. Very pleased."


"I received the A5+ speakers and they are truly extraordinary. The sound is gorgeous, full, with great definition and imaging and I can’t imagine the engineering that produces the amount of bass without a sub.Audioengine makes me so happy to listen to my music again."


"I have owned a number of near field speakers, Acoustic Research, Boston Acoustic, Yamaha with a receiver and I thought all of them very good, but they all lose their sonic luster when compared to the Audioengine 5. Your company and your speakers have certainly improved my life."


"S8 sub, W1 and W2 arrived in perfect condition.An iPod type unpacking experience!S8 fit and finish?Absolutely flawless and overall cosmetic quality is impeccable.And the W1 and W2?Holy crap.Easy to set up.Performance is outstanding. In short, I couldn’t be more impressed.You and your team should be very proud."


"After owning a pair of A2’s for my Mac, I wanted the passive P4 for my stereo receiver.As usual the product was outstanding.Customer service was first class and value for money for the product unbeatable.I have raved about your products to friends and co workers from some time now.Very much like an Apple product, your speakers are simply the best I have heard at any price range."


"WOW! Marshall.I just spent the day evaluating the A5 speakers configured to my vintage McIntosh Laboratories C-26 Pre-amplifier.I am stunned and astounded at the quality of your product."


"I can’t begin to tell you how much I like my new A2’s. The sound clarity is amazing even at low volume.I was very impressed even with the quality of the packaging and especially the rapid delivery!!! I appreciate the minimalist concept and love their appearance."


"I bought Bose Companion 2 speakers at Best Buy but returned them due to crappy sound.Googled powered speakers and bought Audioengine.I want to congratulate the Audioengine team for making such great speakers.It sounds cliché now but the Audioengine speakers are the best 2.0 speakers I have ever listened to."


"I spent hours in an Apple store auditioning speakers (Bose, Altec Lansing, JBL etc) but left unimpressed and disillusioned. My wife suggested I consult our local audio dealer (Audio Consultants of Evanston, IL).10 minutes with the A2 and I was sold.What a revelation!My iMac and I am so happy you are producing a quality product for those looking for a true high fidelity experience in a small desktop system."


"I bought the A2 and they’re just fantastic. While most other companies are concerned with making over-designed, ugly speakers that sound terrible and cost a fortune, what a delight it is to find a company that’s concerned with just making good speakers."

-Bishop P

"I’m an ex-musician and audiophile of many years. I am completely and utterly stunned by your product. I’ve been feeding the A2s with a Benchmark DAC1 and after a few hours of initial breakin ALL my preconceptions about how one achieves decent sound quality and a satisfying musical experience have been obliterated. Thanx so much for making this kind of experience available for so little money. Wow!!!!!!!!!!"


"I am really happy with my new A5s.They sound better than the Bang & Olufsen CD player I retired when I copied all my disks to my computer."

-Barry C.

"These A5’s are magnificent! I have NEVER heard anything so robust, sonically accurate and articulate as the A5’s for the price! I have B&W 802D x 5 in my theater and will eagerly listen to these in my office for excellent 2.0 “Hi-Fi” w/o hesitation!"


"As a professional musician/band director/audiophile, let me congratulate you on your fine products.I already have a pair of A2’s on my home iMac, but I just finished testing my recent order of the A5’s, AS8, and W-1, which provides a simple and perfect wireless connection between the A5’s and AS8."

-Ronald J

"Highest recommendation!All work perfectly, instant sync.I’m especially impressed with the speakers: great tone and timbre (this from someone who uses Magnepan in main system).Terrific bedroom system.My wife loves them.Great highs, impressive bass for small enclosure."


"Just got my A2’s (and stands). One word: exceptional. Sound is tight, well-defined. great bass response for such small speakers. Mostly, wanted clarity and definition, and these have that."


"Thank you for your fine product. Your speakers sound exacly as promised. I cannot describe the feeling of listening to music as if for the first time. It brought tears to my eyes. If someone is considering buying these speakers, don’t wait because you’re neglecting your ears and you’re missing out."


"Wow this is totally awesome!I set up the W1 and A5 in minutes, GREAT sound and zillions of music choices from my Mac just unbelievable.What amazing products!"


"Thanks for finally making a product that us dedicated audiophiles can use at our desktop! I just received my A2s today and am extremely impressed with the sound (quantity and quality) that manages to come from such a small speakers."


"Well, I bought the A5s! They arrived today. Mine and my 2 sons jaws just dropped on cranking up Call of Duty 4. As you said, they fill the room. We heard everything the rain drops, heartbeats…. Your product packaging and accessories are top rate."


"I purchased a pair of A2 speakers 3 months ago from a Mac store in Portland. I’m a baby boomer who used to experience quality and workmanship in products and am pleased to find that the A2 are a welcome return to the old standand I grew up with. (They’re ass’kickin’)"


"Had these for a couple of days now and just love them. I had a Logitech Z5500 system for 3 years and while it had the volume, it seemed harsh on my ears. I decided to dump them and take a leap of faith and get the A5’s. Much better."


"Am I a satisfied customer? You bet. I am already planning another set of A5’s for my bedroom via Airport Express and a pair for my media center in the living room. Thanks Audioengine for making a great product in a world of mediocre offerings."


"I have had the white Model 5 speakers for about 3 years now and am so so happy with them.I opened a new business and put in the bamboo speakers.They are so lovely!I love your product."


"My W1 and A5s are in a word AWESOME! The range of the W1 is incredible. I have a 1 bedroom with a loft above the bedroom. The W1 works from the bedroom and the loft into the living room. The W1 works great with my regular stereo. The best purchase I’ve made in a long time!"


"After 6 months of using bamboo A5, I can totally tell you that it rocks big time. I am a big fan your speakers. I value the time you spent at creating them. I used to have Bose companion 5. I also own a pair of Harman-Kardon Soundstick II. Nothing beats the Audioengine 5. Not even close."


"Your speakers rock my socks. I don’t know who to send this to, so pretty please make sure this gets to the right dude at your company.And thanks again.You all deserve a raise."

-Little D

"Why do I have such a hard-on for these speakers?Because they are the one thing that has made me forget about all the rest of the misery in the world.For only 20 minutes a day, I can sit and be acoustically massaged and made content.All thanks to your beautiful little Audioengine babies. I will name my firstborn after your next speaker series."


"Just unpacked my new A5’s and I wanted you to know what a good experience it was. The packaging and set up guide etc all very good. And then I plugged them in and have a big smile on my face.I am now hooked."


"I ran across the A2 on Head-fi.com. Words fail to describe how awesome these speakers are,I cannot thank you enough for making such a great quality product."

-Andy F

"I hooked up my Audioengine 2 speakers and S8 subwoofer and I have to say that I’m 100% satisfied.The S8 compliments the A2s in a way that I wouldn’t be able to use the A2’s without the S8.Nice job guys!Now this is what money is for!"

-Daniel V

"I’ve been using some A5’s for 6 months now. I love the sound but mostly the design. Like all good designs they seem so simple, they have everything you need but nothing more. Weird, I usually bitch and moan about stuff."


"Pardon my language, but is it acceptable to suggest that your A5s are pure kick-ass right out of the box?I’ve played these non-stop for days and every passing minute I keep punching myself in the face for even thinking of buying Bose."


"I recently became a VERY happy owner of a pair of AudioEngine 5s that are gleefully anchoring the corners of my desk! Thank you for turning me on this excellent product."


"Great product. Really really impressive price/performance."


"Just received my pair of Audioengine 2 speakers… wow! I have been a hi-fi enthusiast for quite a while but I have never heard any audio product that had such an immediate impact on me before! Truly amazing! Thank you for getting me off the hi-fi upgrading treadmill."


"I want to start with WOW! I truly love my A5’s! They surpassed what I expected and as of now are used over my $1k+ 5.1 system, so kudos on a job well done."


"Hi! I just received my A2 speakers todaywow!! I love their sleek minimal design and easy set up. But most importantlythey sound incredible!!"


"Your A5 bookshelf speakers are INCREDIBLE! My brother, who produces music, has gone through many pairs of studio monitors costing upwards of $700 and he swears mine sound better than anything he has heard."


"I purchased a pair of Audioengine 2 two weeks ago. WOW!! I am amazed with the quality and size of the sound these little speakers produce. The first time I heard them I was blown away. Awesome product."


"Just to say a big thank you for producing a superb product (A5). I don’t get excited about things easily, and I have never sent feedback to a manufacturer before. It is so rare that you purchase something and feel so happy and satisfied."


"I received the A2 speakers Saturday.What a joy!!!.The sound is what I have been looking for. I love your product and have told everyone."


"I received the A5 speakers this morning. I am sure you have heard this before but I was expecting to be blown away from the reviews I have read. The reviews cannot possibly put into word how incredibly awesome these things sound!"


"These A2 speakers are amazing for their size. I was blown away by the crisp clearness of sound…I have to say very close to the quality of my $600 Epos! Nice job. The care and concern for the overall package is way above any other product I have ever bought."


"Over the yeas I’ve owned some pretty decent equipment, e.g. Krell amplifier, Quad electrostatic speakers, etc. But I’m simply amazed by the sound quality of the A5."


"These speakers are GREAT!My hour lunch became closer to 2 hours!I couldn’t leave the house listening to these speakers!"


"WOW! I can’t stop smiling… What a remarkable, exciting and insanely dynamic speaker system you have created. The numerous accolades you have earned are very well deserved indeed."


"The Audioengine’s are hands-down the best powered speakers I have, besting the not shabby Aego Ms and the quirky Monsoons."

-Scott A

"I just received my W1… you just saved my day (maybe life) for creating the coolest streaming DJ solution with super sound and no cables."


"I don’t think I’ve ever written a review on anything, but your speakers are incredible, even more so for the price. The clarity, bass, and imaging make it a lot of fun to really listen to music again."

-John S

"I just got the A5 speakers and I must say they sound awesome. I see how you guys have a hard time explaining how the bass is all there without being over the top. I’ve never owned a quality pair of speakers like this before and I can’t tell you how happy I am with the purchase."


"I had heard the A2’s at Audio Symphony in San Francisco and read a bunch of reviews on the A5, so figured I’d treat myself right. I am so happy with my purchase."


"I listened to a pair of A5’s last week and I am very impressed… BLOWN AWAY is more like it. I compared them to similar items from M-Audio and Mackie and the A5’s appear to offer the best solution in this price range."


"After some research and reading countless reviews I thought I’d take a chance on your W1 Wireless Audio Adapter and wow, I’m glad I did. What a pleasure it is to purchase a product that not only performs as advertised, but also performs as stated in said reviews."

-James M

"I’m using the W1 to play music through my laptop and home theater gear and set up couldn’t have been easier. What (the W1) has revealed to me sounds like wired audio, NOT wireless. Fantastic."


"I’m writing to let you know that we really enjoy your speakers. I hooked them up to my TV and also iTunes through Airport Express. They sound better then my Bose system."


"I am not often impressed by stereo equipment I can actually afford but I have to say right out of the box these speakers are amazing. At this price point and at 4 times as much, I couldn’t recommend them highly enough."


"I bought a pair of A2 last week from Echo Audio in Portland and these are some of the most awesome speakers I’ve heard in a long time. Your product makes me excited about listening to music again!"


"I was able to order and receive a pair of Audioengine 5’s from Hi Def Lifestyle and wanted to tell you your speakers are great… one of the best purchases I’ve ever made."

-Jamie H

"I just wanted to say I purchased a pair of your A5 speakers and hands down they are the best pair of bookshelf/PC speakers I have heard in a long time. They are well worth every penny I spent. I can’t wait to purchase the S8 subwoofer to go with them.Keep up the good work."


"I wanted to let you know that my recent purchase of a pair of the A2 speakers was a great choice. The sound quality is superb, connecting them to my computer was easy (good directions) and I love the fact that they are self-powered. Great engineering! Great price!"


"A couple of months ago I purchased a pair of A5 for my IPod… and just one day after they arrived my whole stereo went into boxes and up to the attic. Your stuff is just great!!"

-Uwe W

"My Audioengine A5 speakers arrived today. I couldn’t be more pleased with the sound of these great little speakers. They sound awesome! I have varied tastes in music, from classical to hard rock and these speakers handle it all with amazing clarity and presence."


"Some of my colleagues bought the Bose MusicMonitor. Bad decision. If you’re looking to spend that much money ($350-400) for computer speakers, check out Audioengine 5 nothing comes close, and the Bose MusicMonitor isn’t even in the same galaxy."


"The A2’s arrived safe & sound. They work perfectly and sound incredible for such small little boxes. Nice touches on the packing and apparent care & thought that has gone into this product. I’ll be checking out other Audioengine products in the future."


"I just received my Audioengine 2’s and I must say…wow.Upon connecting my MP3 player, it was astounding. The imaging just to the sides of my computer monitor is wonderful. Congratulations on an excellent product and I’ll be sure to pass the good news all around."


"I’ve never taken the time to write a company about their product unless I have a problem with it, but I’m making an exception in this case. I took the leap and purchased the Audioengine 5 speakers to replace my Klipsch setup on my computer. Thanks for making a great product and selling it for an unbeatable price."


"Heard about Audioengine at Huppins HIFi. A salesman recommended them over Bose and I agreed that the Audioengine sounded better."

-Gene S.

"This is my second set of Audioengine speakers. I first read about them in a review in PC Magazine. I was going to buy the new Bose speakers, but your price (and audio quality) beats Bose."


"Incredible! I received my pair of A2’s on Wednesday and my jaw is still dragging on the floor. Simply amazing. I listened to a few LP’s through a Grado Sonata and DIY phone pre and it just blew me away. I can only imagine how it’s bigger brother sounds."

-Chris K

"I recently traded up from the A2 speakers to the A5+ and just wanted to express my satisfaction. I am astonished that you could get these little speakers to make music so enjoyable with such an integrated presentation and dynamic range, at least anywhere near this price-point."

-Derek M

"I just bought a pair of the A5’s yesterday, and all I can say is WOW!!!! These are little audiophile giants, from Beethoven to Zeppelin."


"Just got my pair today from Onecall. Bloody hell, these little things are awesome. Just a quick note to say kudos guys. What an incredible product!"

-Eric H

"I’ve had my A2s for a couple of months now, connected to my Apple lossless iTunes library via a Fubar III USB DAC, and couldn’t be happier. I feel like I have my own personal sound studio in my office. At any volume they offer fantastic clarity and, even some good sound staging from my desk."

-Henry S

"I found you guys at a forum I hang out at. One guy has already bought the Audioengine 5’s and there are several other people there talking about them. Gotta give you guys props. Not many companies around like yours for sure.THEY SOUND INCREDIBLE!!!"


"Yesterday I get a pair of the Audioengine 5, and it is impressive what this small speakers are able to perform. I would like to write more about the speakers, but I don’t know the English words to describe the A5 :-). Thank you very much for this speaker."

-André S

"I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying my speakers!You guys are the future of audio. This product is what I have been looking for for a long time. I have been auditioning speakers for well over 20 yrs using Steely Dan because of their tight production mix, especially the bass and crisp snare drum. My best audio purchase since I bought my iPod."

-Bob G

"I purchased a pair of Audioengine 2 speakers from you last week. Words can’t describe how thrilled I am with the spectacularly accurate audio, along with the tasteful, low key appearance of these speakers. I have them connected to a Squeezebox Duet and the audio quality approaches that of my Arcam amplifier and Heybrook HB2 speakers."

-Tim B

"Aloha, your speakers arrived today and I have hooked them up to my computer. They are wonderful sound is incredible. I learned that a definition of quality, either product or service, is when you exceed a customer’s expectation and you have definitely done that. The packaging, bags, wires, and especially your speakers. Incredible."

-Jacob P

"I read about your great little speakers in Home Theater so I went online to do some research and was very impressed with what I found. EVERYBODY loves your speakers, and that to me is a great selling point. Thanks for your dedication to making great computer speakers, keep up the good work.I love music again."

-Rick G

"I just received my A2s this morning. THESE SPEAKERS KICK A**!!! All the reviews I read were true. I am using the A2s in my home office with my laptop.I’ve been looking for small desktop speakers for a long time. These fit the bill and have incredible sound."


"OK, I just received my new A2’s and have been listening for a couple of hours. They are getting better as they start the break in process. This was a wonderful investment; I now have music in the office I can actually listen to. Thanks guys for a great product!"


"I bought the A5’s some months ago and I’m still blown away. These A5’s deliver in spades. They’re worth every penny and more… You should hear Loreena McKennett’s “Mystics’ Dream”, the bass is dynamite and her voice is clear as a bell. Just wanted to thank you guys for creating these little beauties!"


"I just received my Audioengine speakers. I bought these speakers simply based on the reviews that compared them to all the speaker systems that I HAVE been able to listen to in person, and I’m still blown away. Thank you for such an amazing product at such a killer price!"

-Daniel W

"I heard of your speakers through a friend of mine who highly recommended them. He is an audiophile who owns a pair of B&W high-end speakers and when he mentioned he really likes these, I knew they must be good. Also, the web-reviews I’ve seen all say nothing but great things."


"I couldn’t see where I should write a review for the A2, but wanted to give you “mad props”. When I hooked it up to my A2s, I swear angels sang… this blows away anything under a grand that’s designed for small rooms. The big test I gave it was the 10,000 Maniacs Unplugged CD, and this setup may be nearly as good as having been at the concert itself."

-Tim M

"You could not have devised a better product than the A2s to help new customers transition from mid-fi big-box garbage to true high-fidelity audio. As a person in public relations, I know how to spread news, and I will spread nothing but good news about your product."

-Matt T

"WOW is all I can say! After about 24 hours of break in so far, the A5’s sound incredible, and look great (almost retro) in their bamboo enclosures. By far the most analog and full sound I’ve ever heard from an iPod, an iPhone, or a computer…"

-Dave C

"I’ve been fed up with my computer speakers for some time now. I read Robert Reina’s review of these speakers in Stereophile and was very impressed. I spent a considerable amount of time looking for a product like this – you guys are filling a crucial gap in the industry."


"WOW! All I can say is WOW. Santa (aka FedEx) delivered my A5s and I cannot believe the sound that is coming out of these speakers. To make a long story short, I sold ALL my equipment;Bel Canto, Rega, Totem, and Rotel and pretty much figured my days of quality audio were over. Thanks for allowing me to still have high quality sound without having to break the bank."


"I bought a pair of A5s for my new wireless set-up in my house, playing iTunes audio from computer to different speakers in different places in my house.First, I have to tell you: I LOVE the A5s. They sound spectacular, from bottom to top, their response is fantastic, and they look great too. Excellent product, and I don’t say that lightly."

-Julian P

"I was shopping for home theater speakers in San Francisco from a store called Audio Vision SF. At that time, I was also looking for a good overachieving pair of speakers for use in either the bedroom or study and the salesman showed me the Audioengine 2. I was impressed by the clean and powerful sound from such a small speaker! Thanks again and keep making high value awesome sounding giant killing speakers."


"I mentioned to my wife that I would like a pair of your “A2” powered speakers. Well, I just hooked them up to the computer and I am absolutely blown away. I feel a little funny because I’m sitting here at the computer, listening to uncompressed music like I was in the music room with the Audio Research system. Crazy… Nice job guys."

-Tim M

"Although I just placed an order for the 2’s (the Mrs. is finally going to get some decent sound for her desktop), I wanted to tell you how impressed I am with your operation. Your website is well done, your product design is brilliant, and of course your pricing is unbelievable!"

-B Range

"I got my A2’s Wed. night and haven’t stopped listening since (except for going to work!). They absolutely blow away the $250 Bose Companion 3’s I replaced. I am very pleased with the purchase."


"Thought you might like to know that I just auditioned the new desktop speakers from Bose two tiny boxes for the INSANE price of $400! Bottom line: your A2 speakers have much better bass and mids, the Bose have slightly better highs. Conclusion: the Bose go back, your speakers stay."


"(The A2’s) have assumed the prestigious position as my office speakers! I listen to music for 8-14 hours a day sometimes. They trumped my previous setup consisting of a great little pair of Mission speakers and an old-school Denon receiver."


"I love the Audioengine A2!I am a band director and have been a long time audiophile and do a lot of recording of bands, orchestras and choir. When I first setup the speakers I was struck by the tone qualities of all the instruments. They were very close to what I heard on stage while conducting."


"Today is the day I plan to mark on my calendar as one of those hard to believe but true events. Why you may ask? Well, it is because today I received your speakers."


"I've had these speakers for well over a year and I love them. When I moved this summer, my HD6 speakers were the last thing I packed up from my old place and the first thing I unpacked at my new place. Why? Because I listen to them every day, and my home without a pair of Audioengines feels like no home at all."

-Nick A

"I just want to let you know that I absolutely love your products. Have the HD3s n B1. They are manufactured beautifully and perform flawlessly! Your entire team is a huge credit to your profession!!!"

-Fred F