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The Best Speakers And How They Make You Feel

The Best Speakers and How They Make you Feel

We all have an emotional relationship with music; it begins at a young age and is practically instinctual. 

Today we are going to talk about how, whether you realize it or not, you are most likely in an emotional relationship with your speakers too.  And why shouldn’t you be; your speakers can drastically affect your relationship with music.

Best Speakers and How They Make You Feel

When trying to convey how your speakers should make you feel, I could easily sit here and clamour on about soundstage, dynamics, and noisefloor in technical terms using numbers and vocabulary terms but that’s not as much fun.  If you’re interested in learning more about those bullet points, you can check out a few of our previous articles on soundstage and noisefloor.

Instead, we are going to think of our speakers as a compatible new love interest.  How do we feel when we are in a fresh, exciting, positive relationship?

Our Speakers Should Make Us Feel Nostalgic

Just like a fit new romance, our speakers should make us think of the old days.  Maybe we start listening to music we haven’t listened to in years just to see what it sounds like alongside our new squeeze.  When you get a new girl or guy, you want them to know what you’re all about, so you start digging through the record collection and showing them the greatest hits.  Which leads me right into my next point…

Our Speakers Should Make Us Feel Like We Are Discovering Something New Every Day

Best Speakers and How They Make You Feel

So let’s say we went into the back and busted out that old Bee Gees record and started jamming “You Should Be Dancin’” like there was no tomorrow.  A good set of speakers is going to show us things we’d never even realized were in the recording in the first place.  Suddenly you’ve got this new comrade and now music has a new charm to it.  The colors are brighter, life has new meaning, and you can finally hear that super funky horn line at the end of the track.

Our Speakers Should Make Us Feel A Little Bitter About Our Old Speakers

Now that we’ve dug up all this old music and we are discovering new pieces of ear candy around every corner, we are living life in a way we never could with our old speakers.  It would be perfectly natural for us to feel a little bitter about the fact that our old speakers never did any of these special things for us.

We might find ourselves saying things like “man, my old speakers never cooked pot roast on a Tuesday…” or get the point, right?  At the same time however, we develop a deep appreciation for those little nuances we’ve been missing out on, and we vow to spend every day from this day forward, making sure our new friend knows just how grateful we are.

Our Speakers Should Make Us Realize How Good Of a Listener We Can Be

Best Speakers and How They Make You Feel

Yeah, it’s a little mushy, but it’s true.  With all of these new timbres and tones flying around our heads, we can easily find ourselves more interested in our music than we’ve ever been.  When someone treats us this well and peaks our interest constantly, we want to listen to what they have to say.  We may find ourselves being silent, being pensive, and being reflective.  We may display a genuine interest in hearing every detail of what our new partner has to say.  And I’m sure we can all agree that in the long run, being better listeners makes us better people.

With all this in mind, it’s extremely important that we don’t mess up this new relationship by taking it for granted.  Not everyone has made us feel this way in the past, and it’s doubtful that anyone could ever make us feel this way again.  And if you don’t feel this spark with your current speakers, maybe it’s time for a change because you deserve happiness.  So why not take a chance on Audioengine and see what you’ve been missing out on.

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