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Stream Music to Your Stereo: Audioengine B1 and B-Fi Comparison Guide

Audioengine B1 and B-Fi Comparison Guide

Choosing the right wireless music streamer can significantly enhance your listening experience by offering you the convenience and quality of streaming music wirelessly. In the realm of home audio systems, two standout choices from Audioengine are the B1 Bluetooth Music Receiver and the B-Fi Multiroom Music Streamer. Both devices are designed to stream music wirelessly to your stereo system but cater to different preferences and functionalities.

Here's an in-depth look at these options to help you decide which one aligns with your audio streaming needs. 

B1 Bluetooth Music Receiver: Expanding Horizons with Bluetooth 

The B1 Bluetooth Music Receiver is designed for simplicity and quality, allowing you to wirelessly stream music from your device directly to your music system. It’s particularly suitable for integrating with both contemporary and vintage stereo systems, offering a touch of modernity without compromising the system's original charm. 

Noteworthy Aspects: 

  • Extended Range: The B1 boasts a 100-foot range, ensuring stable, quality sound transmission across extensive spaces. 
  • Digital to Analog Converter (DAC): It comes equipped with an internal DAC that guarantees CD-quality or better sound, preserving the integrity of the music exactly as the artist intended. 
  • Ease of Connectivity: Setup is straightforward, requiring no internet or network configuration, offering a hassle-free user experience. 
  • aptX-HD Bluetooth: This technology supports better than CD-quality sound, providing an enhanced listening experience without the typical constraints of wireless streaming. Your device will stay paired, pair once and forget it! 
  • Versatile Outputs: The B1 features both analog and optical outputs, offering flexibility in connection to various audio systems. 
  • Design Aesthetic: With its brushed metal finish, the B1 not only sounds good but also adds a sleek, aesthetic appeal to your audio setup that is durable as well. 

B-Fi Multiroom Music Streamer: The Wi-Fi Revolution 

In contrast, the B-Fi Multiroom Music Streamer takes a leap forward by utilizing your home's Wi-Fi network for music streaming. This approach bypasses traditional Bluetooth streaming, offering a direct and uncompressed audio signal for a pure, high-fidelity sound experience. 

Key Features: 

  • Wi-Fi Streaming: B-Fi streams music directly to your stereo from your streaming service via your router. This way, your songs are free from Bluetooth’s digital signal processing, a feature enjoyed by Audiophiles everywhere (more on this below). 
  • Audioengine App: Control is at your fingertips with the Audioengine app, allowing you to stream from major music services or your personal music library directly to any music system in your home. 
  • Internal DAC: Like the B1, B-Fi includes an internal DAC, ensuring that the music delivered to your stereo system is of the highest quality, just as the artist intended. 
  • Multiroom Capability: B-Fi’s strength lies in its ability to fill your entire home with music, streaming seamlessly to multiple rooms for a unified listening experience. 

Making Your Choice: The Bluetooth vs. Wi-Fi Streaming Quality Debate 

The B1, on the other hand, employs Bluetooth connectivity, utilizing high-quality codecs like Qualcomm aptX HD. These codecs are designed to compress and then decompress digital audio files with minimal loss of quality.  

However, even the most advanced Bluetooth codecs involve some level of digital signal processing (DSP) to recreate the song. While to many listeners the difference may be imperceptible, discerning audiophiles might lean towards the B-Fi for its method of streaming.  

The B-Fi's reliance on Wi-Fi rather than Bluetooth means the music is streamed without the additional step of DSP, potentially offering a purer, more accurate version of the original recording. 

  • B1 for Bluetooth Convenience: If you value simplicity and the versatility to stream from any Bluetooth-enabled device directly to your stereo system, the B1 offers an effective solution with an impressive range and high-quality sound. The B1 is your best option if you don’t have a smart phone or Wi-Fi network. 
  • B-Fi for Wi-Fi Fidelity: For those who prioritize the purity of uncompressed audio and the convenience of streaming across multiple rooms via Wi-Fi, the B-Fi stands out. It is particularly appealing to users who prefer controlling their music ecosystem through a dedicated app. You can even connect up to 9 B-Fi or A1MR for a system that connects your entire house! The B-Fi is a great choice for Audiophiles that prefer the warmth of analog audio playback. 

Audioengine A1MR

Both the B1 and B-Fi embody Audioengine's commitment to delivering superior sound quality and innovative streaming solutions. By understanding the distinctive features and benefits of each device, you can select the wireless music streamer that best aligns with your lifestyle and audio preferences, ensuring an unparalleled listening experience that brings your music to life exactly as the artist intended. 


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