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Simplify Your Music

Simplify Your Music

If you think back to what some may consider an eternity ago, you might remember a time when music was complicated and wasn’t that accessible during every moment of your day.

Many times, your choices of personal music were limited to maybe your vinyl collection, finicky 8-Track tapes, and perhaps the radio.

Simplify Your Music

Thanks, Technology!

As time has progressed and technology continues to advance, listening to your music has become easier than ever. Perhaps the most accessible way to listen to music in today’s age is with your phone.

Your phone is so versatile, unless you still rock a flip phone, it makes listening to music as easy as ever, allowing you to listen whenever and however you want.

One of the most popular ways to listen to your music with your phone is through the use of music streaming services.

Streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal make it super easy to access seemingly unlimited amounts of music from your phone and can cost less than $10 per month. Streaming services also allow you to make your own playlists so you can set the mood whether working out at the gym or providing that killer party mix.

Simplify Your Music

Phone + Audioengine

(That's it, that's all you'll ever need!)

While you can play music directly from your phone, its internal speakers don't sound so great, lacking bass and clarity. The volume of the internal speakers is also an issue since they can’t get very loud and can be hard to hear. We want to simplify AND have exceptional sound. Luckily, Audioengine speakers are all you need!
Most phones, if not all of them, feature Bluetooth so you can stream audio from your phone directly to our Audioengine wireless speakers or even our B1 Bluetooth Music Receiver, allowing your phone to be untethered from your speakers and can rest safely in your pocket. Our wireless speakers use Bluetooth technology, there are no proprietary apps to download, so you can get setup in just a few clicks right out of the box.

Since music is an important part of your life, using your phone for your music needs not only simplifies your music but opens up the possibilities from just the palm of your hand.

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Doesn't Music Deserve It?

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