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Experience Superior Sound with Our Premium HD Series Plus Get 2 Months Free Qobuz Streaming Music

Labor Day, a holiday established in tribute to hard work, calls for a unique relaxation that only a well-earned break can provide. What could elevate this relaxation more than enjoying your favorite tunes while creating lasting memories?

Reward your hard work with the unparalleled quality of Audioengine's hand-crafted, hand-tuned HD Series Home Music Systems. The HD Series was designed to transform your home into a live concert venue, delivering an extraordinary listening experience.

The HD Series’ premium hand-crafted speaker cabinets owe their modern aesthetics to tastefully accented design features that are exclusive to the HD Series. Features such as the variety of beautiful exclusive finishes, metal volume control and accent plate, and magnetic grill cover.

In celebration of your hard work, we are offering a special 20% discount on our Premium HD Series line.

HD3 Home Music System: Compact but Powerful

The HD3 Home Music System is more than just a compact home music system. The HD3’s hand-crafted speaker cabinets, hand-tuned aramid fiber woofers and silk tweeters work in harmony to deliver crystal-clear highs and deep, resonant lows.

Envision the HD3 transforming your room into a live concert, reproducing sound across extended ranges. If you're a gamer, the built-in headphone amplifier will enhance every footstep and gunshot, pulling you into the game's world, making every moment feel real and alive.


  • Sound Quality: Sound Quality: The HD3, equipped with a generous 60W amplifier and meticulously hand-tuned components, delivers a listening experience unmatched by its compact rivals.
  • Design: Sleek and modern, with hand-built wood cabinets and exclusive HD Series finishes.
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth aptX-HD technology for wireless streaming, Analog RCA Inputs, 3.5mm AUX, USB
  • Special Features: Built-in headphone amplifier for an enhanced gaming experience.

HD4 Home Music System: High-Quality Sound for Smaller Spaces

The Audioengine HD4, designed for compact spaces, delivers rich and vibrant audio that sets it apart from other compact systems. Ingeniously combining a conveniently sized cabinet with twice the power output of the HD3, the HD4 offers a powerful, room-filling audio experience without doubling the size, providing double the wattage without sacrificing space.

  • Sound Quality: The HD4’s powerful 120W amplifier, aramid fiber woofers and silk dome tweeters create a balanced listening experience.
  • Design: Hand-tuned, real wood cabinets for a modern appearance. Available in our beautiful real wood veneer and satin black finishes.
  • Connectivity: USB, analog, Bluetooth aptX-HD, or 3.5m AUX connections for versatile connectivity options.
  • Special Features: Extended-range Bluetooth aptX-HD and analog input for turntable connection. Built-in headphone amplifier.

HD6 Home Music System: The Ultimate Listening Experience

For those seeking the ultimate in audio performance, the HD6 Home Music System is the culmination of Audioengine's expertise in sound engineering and design. Equipped with 150W peak total power and aptX HD Bluetooth, the HD6 is designed to provide an unparalleled listening experience.

  • Sound Quality: Premium sound with custom aramid fiber woofers, silk dome tweeters, and 150W class A/B monoblock power amplifiers.
  • Design: Handcrafted with real-wood cabinets with beautiful finishes like real walnut veneer, satin black, and gloss white.
  • Connectivity: Wide range of options, including Bluetooth aptX-HD, optical, and analog inputs.
  • Special Features: High-resolution 24-bit audio support (DAC) and sleek aluminum remote control.

Labor Day Discount on Premium HD Series Home Music Systems

This Labor Day, we're offering an unprecedented 20% discount on our entire Premium HD Series. This limited-time offer ends September 10th! Plus, with every HD Series Home Music System purchase you'll receive 60 days of Qobuz Hi-Fi Music Streaming. It is the perfect opportunity to explore new music and enjoy your favorite tunes in high-fidelity sound.

Also enjoy:
• 30 Day Audition
• We Pay The Sales Tax If Applicable<
• Free Ground Shipping
• 3 Year Best-In-Class Warranty

Conclusion: Elevate Your Listening Experience, You Deserve It

Audioengine's Premium HD Series Home Music Systems cater to various listener profiles, offering something for everyone. Whether you're an audiophile, gamer, turntable or music enthusiast, you can find the perfect system to complete your listening experience.


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