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Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Sound Quality

You don’t have to compromise quality for convenience anymore.

When you stream music or video from your phone or even your laptop, the sound quality of what’s coming through the built-in speakers of your device can take a significant hit. The solution is to find a set of speakers that is compatible with your device so that you never have to settle for less than the boldest bass and the smoothest sounds.

Wireless speakers can offer many benefits, including scrapping all those extra cables that are often required with other systems; however, sometimes a typical Bluetooth wireless speaker set doesn’t actually provide better sound quality than what your computer or mobile device can, making it important to do your research and find the audio equipment brand you can trust to have the best products for your listening needs.

One of the features that Audioengine's Bluetooth wireless speakers boast is unyieldingly clear sound quality; each set of our wireless speakers is built with studio-grade elements in mind, which means that you receive audio equipment that brings out every nuance in every song. With our products, you can leave behind the preconceived notion that Bluetooth wireless speakers as a whole tend to sacrifice quality for convenience. Not to mention, you can easily add desktop or speaker stands, or any other enhancements to your Audioengine wireless system!

If you want to enhance the sound quality of your mobile devices, Bluetooth wireless speakers not only offer mobility but also versatility along with clear tones and superior listening solutions.

Our technology

Our Bluetooth wireless speakers are durable and work well with any Bluetooth-enabled devices like your phone, tablet or computer; they also feature analog inputs, so you can easily connect a computer or even a turntable to them. While most Bluetooth speakers on the market have very limited range, Audioengine utilizes a high-quality Bluetooth receiver that enables our products to reach more than one room without degrading the audio quality.

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