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Audioengine Works with Spotify Pandora

Audioengine works with Spotify and Pandora

Audioengine works with Spotify and Pandora

New music is everywhere.

These days you can’t go anywhere without discovering some up-and-coming artist, or even a seldom-heard indie music hero.  Hardware stores, doctor’s offices, hair salons, the TV, the car, the bus, the airport... the world has evolved to help us discover what is otherwise nonexistent to us.  Easy-to-use music streaming services are no exception.  If you were around in the early 2000s and were astounded with the accessibility offered by companies like Napster and KaZaA, then you are likely on the verge to have your mind literally blown to pieces by media platforms like Spotify and Pandora.

Audioengine Works with Spotify Pandora

Why Are Spotify and Pandora Important To Audiophiles?

In the early days, when Napster roamed the Earth, users needed to know exactly what songs they wanted to hear.

They had to search for their music, identify the best file -- weeding out any partial tracks, or tracks that weren’t what they advertised themselves to be -- and then wait however long it took for the file (or files) to download onto their machine before being able to listen to a painfully degraded and over-compressed MP3.  It was miserable, but it started a revolution.  Years later, we were given Pandora and Spotify.  Internet speeds, music databases, and performing rights organizations have all adapted to the current technological climate, and we can now retrieve our searches and stream the results instantly, and in markedly higher quality than ever before.

Both Spotify and Pandora have HUGE databases full of today’s most slammin’ hits, oldies untouched by time, and millions of tunes rumbling around in the underground.  Local, regional, national, and world-famous artists can ALL get their music onto these platforms easily.  Artists can get paid (they aren’t making a fortune but they are getting royalties per play), and can be discovered through playlists and radio stations -- features celebrated on both platforms.  Spotify and Pandora both offer free versions with limited catalogs, as well as paid versions with extended catalogs and high-quality playback options.  While neither platform offers downloads of gigantic files featuring completely lossless audio, they do both offer some pretty great alternatives which allow the music to breathe and be heard, to most, as it was meant to be heard

Audioengine Speakers Work Streaming Pandora and Spotify

Radio stations and playlists tailored carefully to each user’s listening habits help users discover new music on a daily basis; music they would never have been hip to otherwise.  This is potentially the single most important thing for true audiophiles.  Yes, super-expensive gear is important to a lot of audiophiles, but what does all that crazy equipment matter if we aren’t pursuing something beyond “comfortable” or “familiar?”  As audiophiles we embark on a journey which, at the beginning, is known to have no true end.  The goal is to perpetually expand our musical knowledge and musical repertoire; to listen with intent to any and all music we can possibly get our ears on.  Just as important as the expensive gear we desire, is the never-ending selection of music our world now has to choose from... and it’s right at the tip of our fingers.

So Where Does Audioengine Come In?

Imagine your best friend just introduced you to the most beautiful, intelligent, funny, and even-keeled romantic prospect of your entire life.

You hit it off!  You and this mystery person have much in common; you’re learning loads of new things about them, and you’re so PUMPED about the idea of spending more time with them you could burst with tears of joy.  At the end of this rendezvous, however, you realize neither of you have a cell phone, a pen and paper, or any general idea of where you live or how someone would get in contact with you.

Stream Music to Audioengine Speakers

Alright, so that analogy was a little ridiculous but, hey, how rotten would that be!?  It’s the same thing as this whole Spotify, Pandora, Audioengine dynamic.

You have all this incredible new music just waiting to be unearthed, and it’s right in front of your face; one click away from your ears.  And then... you realize your speaker system is absolute garbage.

Not only does your system sound terrible, but the sanctuary that is the user-friendliness of Spotify and Pandora is rendered almost completely useless in the grim shadow of your outdated speakers and their lack of basic sonic functionality.

To bring Audioengine into your home is to invite solidarity; to create harmony. Spotify and Pandora will work on any device that can access the internet, be it a tablet, laptop, smartphone, or desktop computer.  And Audioengine speakers, via aptX HD Bluetooth technology, connect instantly and seamlessly with any and all of the aforementioned devices.  With Audioengine Wireless Speakers, not only can you stream music to your speaker system just as easily as you can FIND that music on apps like Pandora and Spotify, but our speakers actually enhance the audio even further, taking the experience to an unprecedented level in both ease-of-use and audio fidelity.

red home speaker

The only thing more rewarding than discovering a new song worthy of filing in your “absolute favorite jams” folder, is hearing that new song for the first time on a pair of speakers that allows you to hear every beautiful detail; that separates every instrument perfectly from the next; that lets the mix breathe and sing and speak in a clear (and sexy) voice; that makes you continue the search, evermore, for your next most favorite song.


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