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Bluetooth pairing light is solid but there is no audio?

If the Bluetooth pairing light is solid (any color), an active connection to another device has been established.  Under most circumstances, our Bluetooth speakers/B1 only supports a single active connection at a time.  So if someone else in your home has connected to your Bluetooth device/speakers, this could surely keep you from connecting another device to it.

There is no on/off switch with the our Bluetooth devices or speakers, so once it's plugged into power it's on. The Bluetooth LED light will blink and be discoverable for 5 minutes once powered on. If in that 5 minute window it connects to a Bluetooth source, the light will go solid. After the 5 minutes is up, the light will turn off and it will no longer be discoverable by new sources, but it will still be on. If the LED is off, any previously connected device can still pair to it at any time from their device. If you want to pair  to a new device, just tap the LED light once more and it will blink and be discoverable for another 5 minutes.  If your Bluetooth device/speaker is connected to something and you want to disconnect that particular device, you can hold the button down for a few seconds before it disconnects and goes back into the flashing cycle.


If the above does not help address the issue you are experiencing, we'd recommend going through the below list of troubleshooting tips:

If you haven’t already, power cycle your Bluetooth speakers/B1 by unplugging the power connection, and reconnecting it.

1) Please make sure all of your connections are complete; also, check that all of your connector cables are in working order. You will want to swap out some interconnects to test for this.

2) Try playing audio from more than one application on your source device (phone, tablet, computer, etc.)

3) Check to make sure your source device is running the most up to date version of software available. If an update is available, make sure you restart your device after the update is installed.

4) Try disconnecting from, and "forgetting" the Bluetooth speakers/B1 through your source's Bluetooth settings. Then, try re-pairing and connecting to the two.

5) Try using a different source device with your Bluetooth speakers/B1 to see if the issue follows. Try using the analog as well as the digital optical output, to see if you have this issue with both connections.

6) If at all possible, try your Bluetooth speakers/B1 in a different location and / or setup to see if something is causing interference in the current location. Something as simple as a router, cordless / mobile phone, halogen lamps, etc. near the speakers may be causing the issue in your setup.


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