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Audioengine Stories

Since 2006, Audioengine has been making products that bring powerful, clear, and rich music into the lives of our customers. After 10 years of talking about our gear with everyone who'd listen, we decided we wanted to hear more about the people who choose Audioengine as their audio brand of choice. Here are their stories.

Dillon Kinkead

I'm a filmmaker, skateboarder, and advocate for people with disabilities. I love to tell stories, and want to tell the ones that will make the world a better place. Right now, I'm focusing on The Skate Connection. It's a nonprofit organization that my friends and I started that promotes inclusion with people with disabilities through Skateboarding.

I use Audioengine A2+ powered speakers when I'm editing my films. They're small, so they're easy to take with me wherever I go. But the sound I get from them is huge— so much more real than any other speaker I've tried.

Brother Yusef

I'm a Bluesman, an artist, and a healer. My music is all about freedom; it was created by people in our society who didn't have it. These people had every reason to be blue, but they were still able to find happiness, joy and ultimately freedom.

B2 is my favorite Bluetooth speaker. The portability is amazing, but it still sounds like real music. This coming from a true music snob.

LaRani Denise

I've been teaching dance and fitness for about 15 years. Growing up in Latin America, we start dancing when we're really young, so I teach dance to anyone from age three to 99. I teach all kinds of world dance styles— Falmenco, bellydance, West African, Bollywood, Salsa; you name it. I love that dance is a means of communication. It helps us express our feelings.

I use A5+'s in my dance studio because they're durable! Plus, they give me enough oomph; but they also give me very clear, crisp sound.

Zach & Sarah Proteau

Our relationship and life together started with our shared love of music that almost nobody else has heard of or likes. Zach is a sound engineer and musician. Most people have heard his work, though they'd never know it. Sarah is Professional Home Emphasizer of Music and a huge fan of underground bands.

We choose the Audioengine HD6's because of their amazing stereo imaging. They're accurate; we feel we're listening what is actually on the tape.