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Tech Specs

SANUS® Steel Series 26" Speaker Stands

If you have a set of medium-to-large bookshelf speakers, we've got the speaker stands for you. The SANUS® Steel Series SF26 features an extra-large steel base for stability and optional carpet spikes to make sure your speakers aren't going anywhere. The twin heavy-gauge steel pillars feature a concealed wire path to keep wires where they need to be (out of sight) and resonance damping rings that can be filled with sand or buckshot for even more stability. And the 6 by 6.5-inch top plate offers brass studs and neoprene pads for speaker isolation.

Technical Specifications

General specifications

Product Brand

Model Code

Product Width
11.52″ / 29.26cm

Product Height
26.00″ / 66.04cm

Package Width
28.00″ / 71.12cm

Package Height
5.00″ / 12.70cm

Package Depth
15.00″ / 38.10cm

Package Weight
34.00lbs / 15.42kg