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DS1 Speaker Stands
Tech Specs

DS1 Desktop Stands

The DS1 stands aren’t just platforms for your A1, A2+, HD3, or similar-sized speakers; they are essential in elevating your listening experience. How? By amplifying the sound quality by an impressive 20%. The magic is in the 15-degree fixed vertical tilt, designed to channel sound directly to your ears. This angle ensures that every note and beat is produced with enhanced clarity and depth.

Technical Specifications

General specifications

High-performance silicon rubber


15 degrees

Product dimensions
1.75(H) x 3.75″(W) x 6.25(D)

0.26 lbs (.12kg) each

Shipping Weight
1.0 lbs (0.45kg)

Shipping box dimensions
2.75″(H) x 4″(W) x 6.5″(D)