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Tech Specs

Original A2 / N22 Replacement Power Supply

Though the original A2 is no longer in production, those in need of a spare or replacement power supply have a solution. Please note, this power supply does not work for the current version of the A2+ as it has a different power adapter. This power supply is not only designed to work seamlessly with your original A2 speakers but also perfectly matches the N22 Desktop Amplifier. To confirm compatibility, simply check the bottom or backplate of your speaker for the label "Audioengine A2." The original A2 didn't include Bluetooth connectivity, one of several innovations you'll find in its best selling predecessor, the A2+. Your purchase includes a detachable power cable, offering convenient connectivity over a generous length of 6 feet.

Technical Specifications

General specifications


AC Power Input
100-240V AC 50/60Hz 1.2A

Product dimensions (Transformer enclosure only)
1.38″(H) x 2.42″(W) x 4.75″(D)

Total length (Including AC power Cord)
11.5 Feet

Product weight (w/o US AC Cord installed)
.89 lbs (0.40kg)

Product weight (w/ US AC Cord installed)
1.0 lbs (0.45kg)