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W3 Wireless Receiver

Audioengine Introduces New Wireless Audio Product

Audioengine W3 Premium Wireless Audio Adapter - Play all your music wirelessly from your computer or any audio device to powered speakers, stereo receiver, or a subwoofer. W3 provides CD-quality stereo sound with the ability to simultaneously broadcast to multiple Receivers with no reduction in audio quality.

Simply plug the Audioengine W3 Sender into any audio source – computer, TV, iPod – and connect the W3 Receiver to any input on your stereo, powered speakers, or subwoofer – and in seconds you have wired-quality sound throughout your house without all the wires. W3 requires no software downloads, network setup, has a 100-foot range, and provides CD-quality sound without dropouts or interference.

“Think of W3 as a Swiss Army knife for wireless audio.” says Audioengine Director, Brady Bargenquast. “You can use it as a wireless DAC to send music from your computer to your stereo or add W3 to your home theater as a wireless link to your subwoofer or rear channel speakers, for example. It’s a versatile little product and setup is fast”.

W3 Wireless Receiver in use

Setup is easy and no software or network configuration is needed, making W3 a true plug-and-play wireless audio solution. The W3 analog output connects to any audio system or powered speakers, such as the Audioengine 5+ or Audioengine 2.

W3 Features:

  • Easy setup, connects in seconds, no computer required
  • Mac or PC plug-n-play, no drivers to install or network setup
  • Send wireless audio to multiple rooms or zones
  • Super-compact size, no batteries required
  • 100ft (30m) range with no dropouts or interference
  • CD-quality stereo with no reduction in audio quality
  • Plays all music formats from any media player

“We designed W3 with the same philosophy as our other products – great sound and simple setup and operation,” says Audioengine Director, Dave Evans. "The improved technology in W3 allows it to send audio to multiple receivers simultaneously and also provides greater resistance to interference from other Wi-Fi devices."

Pricing and Availability

The Audioengine W3 Premium Wireless Audio Adapter has a retail price of US$149 for the Sender/Receiver pair, with extra W3 Receiver kits available for $89. W3 can be purchased from over 300 authorized worldwide Audioengine resellers and online direct in the US:

About Audioengine

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