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Audioengine Reviews D2R Add-on Receiver for D2

Audioengine Reviews

We feel overwhelmed with gratitude for all the thoughtful reviews we have received over the years.

We hope that the opinions of these respected reviewers help bring you clarity and peace of mind while shopping for your home speaker systems. When all is said and done, it is your review that matters most to us.

D2 24-bit Wireless DAC

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“The wireless aspect of the D2 really isn’t an issue and that’s really good news.”     Read full review here.

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“For the individual who likes simplicity, this product has an edge over server-based streaming options.”     Read full review here.

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“D2 is included in the 9th Annual Positive Feedback Online’s Writers’ Choice Awards for 2012 – The Best of the Best!”     Read full review.

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“The fact that it’s so affordably priced makes this game-changing DAC all that much easier to buy.”     Read full review here.

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“At any price, the Audioengine D2 is a great DAC. The D2 tests almost as well as if it’s a piece of laboratory equipment.”     Read full review here.

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