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A2+ Wireless Speaker System

Wireless Computer Speaker Reviews Audioengine A2+

"The Audioengine A2+ have been a favorite in compact speakers and we anticipated these delivering the same promise, with more convenience…and we were right…" Read Full Review

"Pleasantly surprised at the quality of these little speakers. The bass sounded really good, even with classical organ music or percussion on some rock music. The highs give a realistic account of whatever music is playing…" Read Full Review

"The soundscapes breaking free of the A2+ Wireless speakers were amazing. That’s something you’ll never hear from single wireless speakers, even ones selling for a lot more than…" Read Full Review

"The A2+ wireless speakers are hand-built with the goal of exceeding expectations in value and performance. The A2+ wireless speakers may be small, but they pack a punch, making them perfect for desktop setups and small room audio…" Read Full Review

"Despite being small desktop speakers, they put out an impressive sound. They immediately turned me into an Audioengine fan…" Read Full Review

"Audioengine’s A2+ Wireless is a fantastic entry-level speaker system for anybody who doesn’t want to spend more than $300. The sound is crisp and accurate. It can connect to a turntable, desktop or laptop; or you can use it as a glorified Bluetooth speaker, just with way better stereo separation… " Read Full Review

"Musically, they present a much more enjoyable, relaxed and realistic sonic image than you might expect. No cumbersome pairing, setting up Wi-Fi or even setting up a user account…" Read Full Review

"The A2+’s sound signature is incredibly well-balanced. It has a sparkly and extended treble, a well-toned, fairly neutral, midrange that sits just behind the treble, and a distinct and articulate bass that sits behind the midrange…" Read Full Review

"I’m totally sold on the A2+. At this ridiculously low price point, there’s absolutely no reason why they shouldn’t be sitting at every music lover’s desktop, or in a whole lot of dorm rooms across the country…" Read Full Review

"The listening panel was super-impressive with the performance of the powerful and bright A2+…" Read Full Review

"Excellent speakers, really enjoying them. They earn a Recommended Award from us!" Read Full Review

"If you set your expectations on musical enjoyment, the A2+ delivers." Read Full Review

"For their size, the A2+ Wireless Speakers deliver some seriously impressive audio." Read Full Review

"Extension and power is clean and free of distortion as I go up the volume scale, and with my full intention of exposing faults, I find none." Read Full Review

"Compared to most medium-sized smart speakers, the A2+ Wireless Speakers can seriously deliver some power." Read Full Review