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Audioengine Reviews (All Components)

Audioengine Reviews

We feel overwhelmed with gratitude for all the thoughtful reviews we have received over the years.

We hope that the opinions of these respected reviewers help bring you clarity and peace of mind while shopping for your home speaker systems. When all is said and done, it is your review that matters most to us.

B1 Bluetooth Music Receiver

B1 Review Banner

“The B1 is a well made and very good sounding Bluetooth solution whether you use its internal DAC or roll your own.”     Read full review here.

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“It’s one of the best, if not the best, Bluetooth DAC music receiver currently in the market that will not disappoint.”     Read full review here.

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“The Audioengine B1 is simple and effective, and offers clean, crisp, and consistent audio with no degradation or issues…”     Read full review.

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“B1 receives the Positive Feedback 2014 Writers’ Choice Award – “The B1 sounds head-scratchingly wonderful and is damn hard to beat for the money.”     Read full review.

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“…this remarkable BT accessory immediately became an integral component in my home stereo environment.”     Read full review here.

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“It just works and sounds great. There are many cheaper Bluetooth receivers but if audio quality is an important factor then this is the product for you.”     Read full review here.

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“Not only does everything sound exactly like the source, there’s no low-frequency rolloff so all my bass and subsonics are left intact.”      Read full review here.

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D1 24-bit DAC/Headphone Amp

D1 Review Banner

“The new D1 is the perfect music “interface” between your computer and speakers or headphones.”     Read full review here.


“I would recommend feeding it anything and everything your music library has to offer.”     Read full review here.

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“Sweeter than the sound is the price — only $170. That’s peanuts for a DAC/amp combo of this quality. The compact, attractive design is just gravy."     Read full review.Wired Logo

“Those looking for a portable DAC + amp combo will find the Audioengine D1 an excellent performer with tons of connectivity at a reasonable price.”     Read full review.

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“The D1 is pretty damn awesome. It’s got the same basic performance of a D3 plus way better connection options, not to mention a volume pot…”     Read full review here.

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“For $170, you get the performance and features of a more expensive piece of equipment.”     Read full review here.

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“The D1 is an addictive audio upgrade.”     Read full review here.

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D2 24-bit Wireless DAC

D2 Review Banner

“The wireless aspect of the D2 really isn’t an issue and that’s really good news.”     Read full review here.

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“For the individual who likes simplicity, this product has an edge over server-based streaming options.”     Read full review here.

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“D2 is included in the 9th Annual Positive Feedback Online’s Writers’ Choice Awards for 2012 – The Best of the Best!”     Read full review.

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“The fact that it’s so affordably priced makes this game-changing DAC all that much easier to buy.”     Read full review here.

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“At any price, the Audioengine D2 is a great DAC. The D2 tests almost as well as if it’s a piece of laboratory equipment.”     Read full review here.

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“Regardless of source quality, I haven’t heard a quieter or lower distortion USB DAC.”     Read full review here.

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D3 24-bit DAC/Headphone Amp

D3 Review Banner

“This affordable component can radically upgrade your computer’s sound quality.”     Read full review here.


“…the Audioengine D3 can be a solid addition to your audio arsenal.”     Read full review here.

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“It’s hard not to be impressed by the D3. It’s small. It’s done up in brushed aluminum. It’s powerful.”     Read full review.

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“More than enough power for most cans and high impedance headphones and a nice analog natural sound that really made the old classics sound authentic and appealing.”     Read full review.

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“The D3 DAC did exactly what it’s supposed to do – make digital audio sound great. At $99, the D3 DAC is a must-have…”     Read full review here.

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S&V “Top Pick of the Year” – “If you’re looking for the easiest, cheapest way to make computer audio sound great through headphones, this is it.”     Read full review here.

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“…the Audioengine D3 produces the best sound of any of the mini-DACs I’ve heard to date. It’s easy to carry everywhere in the tiny pouch that comes with it, and the price is no higher than many DACs that don’t sound as good. Highly recommended!”     Read full review here.

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N22 Desktop Audio Amplifier

N22 Review Banner

“The sound was extremely open and pure, so the N22’s headphone sound is another reason to consider this little amp.”     Read full review here.


“…bass was strong and tight, and high frequencies natural without artificial harshness. When I pushed the N22 to louder volumes, it continued to perform well.”     Read full review here.

“Crisp, clean sound; terrific price/performance ratio.”     Read full review.

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“If you’re looking for a desk top system that will give you great musical satisfaction for a long time with no hassle, you can’t go wrong with the N22 desktop amplifier and the P4 passive bookshelf speakers…”     Read full review.

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“The Audioengine N22 Desktop Amplifier is a small power plant that produces big, beautiful sound.”     Read full review here.

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“The Audioengine N22 at $199 is hard to beat, it is one the best amplifiers in its price range.”     Read full review here.

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“They worked impressively and the audio quality was vibrant and clean.”     Read full review here.

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W3 Wireless Audio Adapter

W3 Receiver Review Banner

“…the sound quality was equal to or slightly better than AirPlay.”      Read full review here.

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“Honest-to-goodness, CD-quality, wireless sound for $149. Simple, inexpensive, functional — both thumbs way up. Nice job, Audioengine.”     Read full review here.

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