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My HD3 speakers sound distorted, what should I do?

If your HD3 speakers just don't sound quite right, we'd recommend the following troubleshooting steps:

Please check to see if the white LED on your power supply brick lights up when AC power is applied, and that all of the pins line up properly. If you haven’t already, power cycle your speakers by disconnecting them from AC power, and plugging them back in.

If the light comes on:

  1.  Please make sure all of your connections are complete and all of your cables are in working order (you will want to swap out some cables to test for this). Make sure the speaker wire is connected according to proper polarity (Red to Gold, Black to Silver) on both ends.
  2.  If your input source (your computer, phone, tablet, turntable, stereo receiver, etc) has its own EQ, please make sure the low end is at a moderate level, as having too much bass in your signal can cause the speakers to break up.
  3.  Set the volume of the source to at least 70-80% and adjust your speaker volume accordingly. Low source volume can negatively affect the dynamic range.
  4.  Please try using each input available (mini-jack, RCA, USB, as well as Bluetooth), one at a time, to see how the speakers react. If the distortion is unique to one speaker, when testing via RCA switch the RCA jacks (red to white and white to red) to see if the issue remains in the same channel.
  5.  If you are using any wireless devices, preamps, or external DACs in line with these speakers, please remove the wireless device from the application (temporarily) and connect the source directly to the speakers.
  6.  Ensure the ports along the bottom front of the speaker are unimpeded.
  7.  Try listening to at least one additional source to see if the problem follows.
  8. Make sure it is not a power issue by trying a power outlet that is on a different circuit.

If the issue persists, please click on the following link and then click on the dropdown to submit an email to our Support team:

Support Page

When doing so, please copy and paste the above troubleshooting steps along with the results of each and include this information when contacting us.

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