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Buzzing Left Speaker on Your Audioengine A2? Try This Quick Fix 

Experiencing a buzzing noise from the left speaker of your Audioengine A2 or another home music system can disrupt the purity of sound that Audioengine is known for. Often, the root cause of this issue is simpler than you think: interference resulting from the speaker's proximity to your computer or another easy to address issue.

This guide will walk you through a straightforward solution to mitigate this buzzing noise, ensuring your Audioengine home music system performs at its best. 

Identify the Source of Interference 

Interference is a common culprit behind the buzzing sound emanating from speakers. This is especially true for the left speaker when it's positioned too close to a computer. Computers and other electronic devices can emit electromagnetic fields that interfere with the audio signals being transmitted to your speakers, resulting in an annoying buzzing sound. 

Quick Tip: Reposition Your Speaker 

The first and easiest step to eliminate buzzing is to reposition your speaker. By moving your Audioengine A2's left speaker further away from your computer, you can often instantly resolve the interference issue. Here’s how: 

  • Turn off Your Music System: Before adjusting the setup, ensure your Audioengine home music system is turned off to prevent any accidental damage. 
  • Reposition the Speaker: Gently move the left speaker at least a few inches further away from your computer. If space allows, aim for a separation of 12 to 18 inches to minimize electromagnetic interference. 
  • Test the Audio: After repositioning the speaker, turn your system back on and play some audio. Listen to determine if the buzzing noise has been resolved. 

Check Cable Connections 

Sometimes, the issue might not be interference but rather a problem with the cable connections. Ensure that all cables are securely connected and that there are no loose connections. A faulty or partially connected audio cable can also result in buzzing or static sounds. 

Consider Quality of Power Supply 

Electrical noise from your power strip can contribute to the buzzing sound. If repositioning the speaker and checking cables does not resolve the issue, consider using a power conditioner or surge protector. These devices can clean the electricity being supplied to your system, reducing noise levels and potentially eliminating the buzzing sound. 

Avoid Wireless Interference 

In today's wireless world, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals from routers, smartphones, and other devices can cause interference. If your Audioengine A2 or other home music system supports wireless connectivity, try turning off wireless functions on nearby devices one by one to identify if wireless interference is the cause of the buzzing. 

Professional Support 

If you've tried these steps and the buzzing noise persists, it may be time to reach out to Audioengine's customer support. With unmatched US-based customer support, Audioengine is dedicated to ensuring your listening experience is nothing short of exceptional.  


By following this quick guide, you can easily diagnose and often resolve the issue on your own, ensuring your system delivers the clear, powerful audio performance Audioengine customers have come to expect. Remember, maintaining the optimal setup and using quality components are key to experiencing the best sound your Audioengine system has to offer. 

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