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B-Fi Quick Setup

Step 1: Download the free Audioengine app from the Apple App Store for iOS or from Google Play for Android. This is what you need to set up and configure your B-Fi. No need to install or open this app yet as we first need to connect B-Fi to your music system.

Step 2:  Connecting B-Fi to your music system

Step 3:  Connect the included RCA audio cable (or TOSLINK digital optical cable) between B-Fi and your music system or powered speakers.

Step 4:  Connect the included power cable between the power supply and B-Fi, then plug the power supply into a functioning power outlet.

Step 5:  Turn on your music system and set the volume level so you can hear the voice and audio prompts during setup.

Step 6:  The B-Fi Status button will blink rapidly for 15 seconds, then a piano tone will play through your music system. The B-Fi Status button will now blink more slowly and a voice will say: "Entering setup mode. Follow the instructions in the app to finish the setup."

If no piano tone or voice is heard after 15 seconds, check your music system volume level.

B-Fi will remain in setup mode (slow-blinking Status button) for 5 minutes before timing-out.

To go back into setup mode, press and hold the B-Fi Status button for about 5 seconds until you hear the voice prompt again.

Connecting B-Fi wirelessly to your internet router.

As device screens seem to constantly change with updates and not all Android menus are identical, the easiest way to get through this setup is to follow the instructions directly in the app and listen to the voice prompts through your music system.

During setup we recommend that your phone, B-Fi, and wireless internet router are within 15 feet of each other. You may need your wifi password if it’s not already saved on your device.

Step 7:  Install the previously downloaded Audioengine app onto your iOS or Android device.

Step 8:  Open the app and select "OK" if you want the app to access your music library on your device.

Step 9:  The app will say "Searching for Audioengine Wireless Hi-Fi System." Select "Add Device".

Step 10:  Following the app instructions, select "Settings" to leave the app and go into your device’s wifi settings.

Step 11:  Turn on your device’s wifi and select "Audioengine B-Fi" from your wifi list.

Step 12:  The audio voice will respond "You are now connected to your speaker. Follow the instructions in the app to finish the setup."

Step 13:  Go back into the Audioengine app.

Step 14:  B-Fi works on 2.4G, so select 2.4G network from your wifi list and enter your internet router password if prompted to do so.

Step 15:  The voice will then say "Connected to your wifi network." Select "Next".

Step 16:  Rename B-Fi if you wish, then select the right arrow at the top of the screen.

Step 17:  Swipe left 2 times to get to your music or exit the app and go to another player.

Having trouble? Try moving B-Fi and your device closer to your router. Restart your router, device, and B-Fi.

For the full setup guide, download the attached PDF: B-Fi quick start-web

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