Which A1 system is the best fit for you?

A1 (Bluetooth)
A1-MR (WiFi)
I want to add additional rooms eventually for whole-home listening
I want to use these speakers for wireless video as well as music/podcasts
I take a lot of videos with my phone and it annoys me that my music pauses when I am recording
I frequently leave and return to a room and want the music to always be playing in the background
I have a Spotify Premium subscription
I don’t like how my music stops when i get a phone call
I plan to place the A1 system out of reach (above a refrigerator, for example)
I have an Android phone with aptX
I plan to primarily use the A1 with my computer
I value my privacy and do not want microphones listening to me
I am concerned about draining my phone’s battery from playing music
I miss the old days of am/fm radio. I want to go to a station and turn it on for the whole day
I like to be able to adjust the volume in different rooms of the house without having to move to those rooms
I don’t have WiFi
I watch a lot of videos on my phone or laptop and would like the music to continue in the background
I like it when I play a video on my phone and the audio comes out of the speakers
My friends and family come over often and they like to play their music on my speakers
I’d like to be able to add a subwoofer to the A1s some day
I like the simplicity of Bluetooth
I don’t want to install any apps
I want to stream from my large library of local music
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