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Audioengine Reviews HD3 Wireless Speaker System

Audioengine Reviews

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HD3 Wireless Speaker System

HD3 Reviews

“Overall, the Audioengine HD3 is an excellent addition to Audioengine’s desktop speaker lineup and an excellent buy for those looking to purchase a top desktop speaker that brings great sound quality, versatility and an aesthetically pleasing design. Highly recommended!”     Read full review here.


“The new HD3 from Audioengine throws down a large collection of features, all packed into perhaps the smallest frame on the market. For the size, the drivers perform above par. For the features, consumers get a substantial value for purchase price. The HD3 sets a new bar for a true just-add-music experience.”     Read full review here.

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“The HD3s… will redefine the listening experience for those on a more limited budget. Or those who just want totally kick-ass sound from their desktop setup. The HD3s are very, very highly recommended!”     Read full review here.

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“If you judge a speaker by how it is to be used (and you should), then Audioengine’s HD3 wireless speakers are about as perfect as you can get.”     Read full review here.

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“The Audioengine HD3 excels in several areas. Just the retro sight of the pair of speakers on my desk was enough to cheer me up. The front volume knob mercifully kept me from fumbling with onscreen volume sliders. During work hours, the HD3 made music clips a temptation—and even with spoken-word material, its naturalness and lack of edginess made themselves known.”     Read full review here.

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“For audiophiles on a budget, the HD3 allow for an ideal combination of high-quality Bluetooth streaming and wired playback at a reasonable price, earning them our Editors’ Choice award.”     Read full review here.


“Well, I wasn’t expecting much but consider this grumpy ol’ tech reviewer extremely impressed. Whether you use the HD3 for gaming, music, movies or a mix, it doesn’t matter because whatever you throw at these mighty mites, they can handle it.”     Read full review here.

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“One thing that I found to be very impressive was how easily you can switch back and forth between sources. Switching between being connected via Bluetooth on my phone to my computer which was hardwired, was seamless and not hard at all. Audioengine got it down perfectly.”     Read full review here.

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“Audioengine’s new HD3 powered speakers make all other small speakers obsolete.”     Read full review here.

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“The HD3s sound great, but as with most Audioengine products, they sound really great for their size.”     Read full review here.

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“These speakers have a ton of versatility . . . the audio quality for Audioengine HD3 is second to none for monitor speakers, so every song sounds great...”    Read full review here.

HD3 Wireless Review