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My A1/A1-MR speakers sound distorted, what should I do?

If your A1 or A1-MR speakers sound distorted, are buzzing, or just don't sound quite right, we'd recommend the following troubleshooting steps:

Start with power cycling your speakers by turning them off and then back on.  From there:

  1. Determine if the distortion is due to your source by disconnecting all source devices from the speakers.
  2. Please make sure all of your connector cables are in working order. Try different cables as well as a different source device.
  3. Please try using the stereo mini input and Bluetooth (or WiFi in the case of the A1-MR), one at a time, to see how the speakers react.
  4. Make sure it is not a power issue by trying a power outlet that is on a different circuit.

If the issue persists, please click on the following link and then click on the dropdown to submit an email to our Support team:

Support Page

When doing so, please copy and paste the above troubleshooting steps along with the results of each and include this information when contacting us.

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