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Welcome to Audioengine Canada

With its launch in 2005, Audioengine has consistently pushed the boundaries of what's possible in home audio. Beginning with the powerful yet compact A5, we soon introduced the A2—a compact desktop speaker that redefined the landscape of sound by offering a robust, room-filling audio experience that hadn’t been seen before. Before the advent of the A2, the concept of desktop speakers providing a full-bodied stereo experience was merely a dream.   

Where To Buy Audioengine in Canada

While Audioengine has been available in Canada for some time through our partnerships with Local Record Stores and others, we're excited to announce that Audioengine's high-quality home audio lineup is now available in Canada on Amazon. 

Introducing the HD Series 

The HD Series represents our commitment to sound quality and design. Each system in this series features premium real wood cabinets, front facing volume controls and brushed metal accents, ensuring durability and consistent performance with a modern aesthetic. The HD Series is designed to deliver clear and powerful sound, making it a suitable addition to any home. 

Subwoofers That Deliver 

The Audioengine S8 and S6 Subwoofers are now offered to our customers in Canada. These products provide clear, deep bass, enhancing the overall sound output of your music systems. The S6 offers a compact design, while the S8 is suited for those seeking broader sound coverage. 

Wireless Music Streaming Adapters: B1  

For Canadian audiophiles looking to modernize their sound systems, Audioengine offers the B1 and B-Fi wireless music streaming adapters. These compact devices bring lossless wireless streaming to any stereo receiver or home music setup, combining Audioengine's renowned sound quality with the convenience of modern technology. 

B1 Bluetooth Music Receiver & B-Fi Multiroom Music Streamer 

The B1 makes streaming high-quality audio from Bluetooth-enabled devices straightforward. It features the advanced Bluetooth aptX-HD codec, ensuring lossless CD quality streaming. Easy to set up, the B1 is compatible with any stereo receiver, offering a plug-and-play solution for immediate audio enhancement. 

Digital to Analog Converters: Ensuring Sound Integrity 

Our line of Digital to Analog Converters (DACs), the D1 and DAC 3, are now available in Canada. Known for exceptionally accurate sound reproduction that simply works, our DACs are essential for anyone looking to enjoy high-quality audio from digital sources without compromise. 

Explore High-Quality Sound 

Audioengine invites Canadian music enthusiasts to explore our products, now easier to obtain within the country. Our focus on quality engineering and durable design ensures that our customers receive products that stand the test of time. 


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